Kentucky Wildcats Fan Shows Support with UK-Logo Glass Eye

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 20, 2012

Photo Credit: Kentucky Sports Radio
Photo Credit: Kentucky Sports Radio

There are fans, and then there is whatever they breed over in the SEC. 

The past few days have seen a remarkable rise in the amount of SEC fans who are willing to step forward and claim the prize as biggest sports fans in the world, or craziest. 

The latest is a Kentucky fanatic who unfortunately lost his eye but replaced it with a show of Wildcats support that we can only stand back and applaud. 

The following picture is taken from website Kentucky Sports Radio

Moderator Matt Jones had this to say about the epic show of team support:

Nicholas Weber is a UK fan who last year lost his eye in an accident. He decided this week to get a new glass eye and he went with the one above. And you think you are a big fan….

So far, we have seen an Arkansas Razorbacks fan try her best to weird us out with her odes to an under-performing team

Then things became far more blue as the week went on. 

There was the annual freaking out and camping prior to a preseason practice game for Kentucky fans, and a Blue Nation Clown I am trying so hard to forget. 

I am ready to give the award for biggest fan to this guy right here. 

While I continue to wear t-shirts and jerseys, he has made sports fanatic lemonade out of some life lemons with a glass eye to prove his swagger. 

If you are looking for the biggest Kentucky fan other than Ashley Judd, look no further. It's this guy right here. 

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