Joe Paterno Retiring: 5 Potential Replacements You Can Rule out Now

William PenfieldCorrespondent IINovember 9, 2011

Joe Paterno Retiring: 5 Potential Replacements You Can Rule out Now

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    Earlier this morning, Penn State head coach Joe Paterno announced that he would retire at the end of the season due to the allegations against his former defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky.

    With the Penn State Board of Trustees set to launch an investigation on Friday, it is possible that Paterno may not get his wish of finishing the season.

    If and when Paterno is ousted, speculation will begin as to who will replace him.

    A clear favorite has yet to emerge, but there are candidates who in no way will take on the head coaching position at Penn State.  

Jay Paterno

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    The last thing that Penn State would want is to hire the son of the man who was head coach of the football team while the alleged acts went on.

    In no shape or form will the Nittany Lions consider hiring Jay Paterno. He should not even be kept on the staff in his current position as quarterback's coach.

    He may find a job in coaching somewhere else, but it will not be in Happy Valley. 

Any Member of the Penn State Staff

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    Not only should Joe Paterno's son, Jay, not be considered to replace him, but no coach on the current staff should get consideration either.

    Penn State needs to clean house and start new so they can attempt to put the regime associated with the alleged acts in the past.

    The football program may never get out from under the shadow of these alleged acts, but cleaning house of the current coaching staff is the first step. 

Mike Leach

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    While the Penn State football program tries to move past the current scandal, bringing in a man that was involved in a scandal at his old school would be the wrong move.

    Although a totally different situation, Mike Leach was involved in a scandal at Texas Tech for mistreating a player.

    Penn State would be wise to hire someone with a clean record, and Mike Leach does not fit that description.  

Urban Meyer

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    There has been rampant speculation that Urban Meyer will be the man to step in when Joe Paterno is either or forced out or retires at the end of the season. 

    Don't expect this to happen.

    Meyer retired from football a couple years ago after a few health scares in order to spend time with his family. Going into a stressful situation like this may not be good for his health, or be the most desirable destination for Meyer.

    Look for Meyer to shoot down any speculation that he will take this job soon and continue his duties as a college football analyst at ESPN. 

Jon Gruden

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    Along with rumors of Urban Meyer possibly taking the Penn State job, there have also been rumblings that Jon Gruden could possibly be interested. 

    Gruden recently signed a five-year extension to stay on with ESPN and Monday Night Football, so this move would be unlikely. 

    If and when Gruden gets his next coaching gig, expect it to be in the NFL, as it would be hard to see him jumping back into college football after his last job as a wide receiver's coach at the University of Pittsburgh in 1991.