Penn State Scandal: What Are Bill Cowher's Chances of Replacing Joe Paterno?

Johnathan CaceCorrespondent INovember 8, 2011

Penn State Scandal: What Are Bill Cowher's Chances of Replacing Joe Paterno?

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    According to The New York Times, the coaching career of Penn State head coach Joe Paterno will come to an end within the next few weeks. This comes in light of the allegations that longtime assistant coach Jerry Sandusky sexually abused at least eight young boys.

    The focus of all of this should be on the victims of this terrible tragedy, but with this report comes speculation regarding who will succeed Paterno, whether it be in the near future or in a couple years.

    One big name that could be considered is former NFL coach Bill Cowher. Let’s break down whether or not he would be a good fit.


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    Obviously, Cowher is an amazing coach. While he was with the Steelers for 15 seasons, the team won eight divisional titles and 10 postseason berths, and made two Super Bowl appearances, winning one of them.

    He is a Pennsylvania native with strong ties to the area, and between his time as an NFL coach and analyst, almost every high school recruit knows who he is.

    While Penn State is dealing with all of the backlash coming from this scandal, a respected guy like Cowher would be a great step to restoring the school and program’s image. He would be an ideal hire, and there really isn’t anything to say against him.


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    The question is whether or not he’d actually accept the job. In 2009, Cowher said on The NFL Today that he had no intention of taking any coaching positions in the imminent future.

    This scandal at Penn State is far from over, and it is unknown at this point what will happen to the rest of the athletic officials. The entire program, and possibly the school, will need an image overhaul, but who would really want to delve into that world when he already has a comfortable job as an analyst?

    Cowher’s family lives in Raleigh, N.C., and it would require a lot of time and effort to move. Penn State may also not have enough money to hire him after spending so much on the anticipated legal settlements.


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    Overall, Cowher is a great idea, but there just isn’t a reason why he would or should take this Penn State job. There are simply too many other things going on in State College right now for him to take the position, especially when he already has a great, well-paying job with The NFL Today.

    The Nittany Lions need an upstanding guy with a strong coaching record in order to continue being relevant in college football and salvage their national image.

    While Cowher may be the ideal hire, the odds of him coming to PSU are next to nothing.