South Carolina Football Schedule: A 10-2 Season Is in the Cards

Alex Roberts@@alexCoAbassCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2011

South Carolina Football Schedule: A 10-2 Season Is in the Cards

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    With all of the negative press surrounding the Gamecocks, and all of the doom and gloom following the Marcus Lattimore injury, people are forgetting that the Gamecocks are 6-1 with a killer top 10 defense and an offense that has found ways to score without Lattimore in recent weeks.

    This team can still play.  They still have heart and now they have extra motivation.  They are fighting for Lattimore. 

    Injuries on the offensive line are more concerning, but the team can bounce back from that as well.  With an ever-evolving and improving offense, I see things a bit differently than the current cloudy forecast predicted by South Carolina fans. 

South Carolina Gamecocks @ Tennessee Volunteers, Win

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    Even without Marcus Lattimore, the Gamecocks should easily beat the Volunteers.  Their offense will not be able to score much and Steve Spurrier will have his offense ready to go after the bye. 

    This one will shock everyone, because it won't be close.  I predict at least a 10-point victory for South Carolina. 

South Carolina @ Arkansas, Loss

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    Here is where South Carolina gets it's second and final loss of the regular season.  Arkansas is good in all phases of the game.  Arkansas has owned the Gamecocks recently, and it is on the road for the garnet army.

    This will be a big loss for the Gamecocks. 

South Carolina Hosts Florida, Win

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    This is another team that just isn't very good.  They are better than Tennessee, but with their quarterback problems, they just won't be able to score. 

    I know Florida has oodles of speed, but South Carolina's defense is the fastest in the conference.  That's right, the overall speed of South Carolina's defense is faster than LSU and Alabama, even though both of those defenses are a bit better overall. 

South Carolina Hosts Citadel, Win

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    This will be a big time win for the Gamecocks.  No pressure here. 

South Carolina Hosts ACC Power Clemson, Win

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    The Clemson Tigers are a tremendous football team.  They have a great quarterback, and a trio of excellent pass catchers. 

    However, South Carolina's defense matches up against them well. 

    South Carolina's offense will be able to move the ball against Clemson's defense, which stands at 60th according to the rankings and is one of the worst they have seen this year.

    The question is, who do you trust more?  Clemson's 16th-ranked offense?  Or South Carolina's seventh-ranked defense?

    I believe that the shock of playing a team as fast and as physical as the Gamecocks could get the best of the Tigers, undefeated or not. 

    This will be close, with the Gamecocks winning at home. 

Relax Carolina Fans... Enjoy the Rest of the Season!

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    Even without Lattimore, the Gamecocks should be in position to go 10-2 or 9-3. 

    Without your star player, that is a hugely successful season.  If South Carolina loses to Arkansas, Georgia needs to lose one more SEC game for the Gamecocks to go back to Atlanta, even though the Gamecocks beat the Dawgs. 

    The season isn't over yet.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. 

    Win or lose, it's great to be a Gamecock.

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