Alabama vs. Penn State: 5 Things Joe Paterno Can Take from Loss

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IISeptember 12, 2011

Alabama vs. Penn State: 5 Things Joe Paterno Can Take from Loss

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    Joe Paterno should be pretty optimistic about his Penn State squad heading into Week 3.

    While PSU didn't win the game, there's a lot of positive things to take away from the loss.

    Alabama only scored 27 points, while the Lions actually scored a touchdown this time around.

    It wasn't the prettiest game, but here are five things Joe Pa can take away from 27-11 loss.

Silas Reed Is the Real Deal

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    Silas Redd had 22 carries for 65 yards and a touchdown against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

    While this may not sound so impressive, keep in mind Evan Royster and Redd combined didn't hit 65 yards rushing last year against Bama (Royster with 32 yards and Redd with 26).

    Redd stepped up in a big way and put up yards against the No. 2 ranked Alabama.

Matt McGloin Needs to Hit the Bench

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    Rob Bolden went 11-for-29 for 144 yards and one interception. He even showed off his running ability, going four times for 25 yards.

    How did Matt McGloin do? 1-for-10 for zero yards.


    I'm just as flabbergasted as you are.

    I was at the PSU vs Alabama game and every time McGlion stepped on the field, students clamored for Bolden.

    And I have to agree with them.

Penn State Has Great Defense

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    Alabama had possession almost 10 more minutes than Penn State, but only scored 27 points.

    That's pretty good defense on PSU's part.

    Alabama scored under 30 points only five times last year (PSU was one of those times). It speaks volumes about a teams defense when they can hold one of the best teams in the nation to under 30 points.

It's Great to Have Anthony Fera Back

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    Let me just say, having Anthony Fera back in a PSU uniform and on the field was great.

    You never know how much you miss a punter until he's gone. Fera was great against Alabama, kicking three punts for 141 yards with a 47.0 average.

    Fera had to split punts with Alex Butterworth, who also kicked three punts for 118 yards and a 39.3 average.

Joe Paterno Can't Coach from the Booth

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    Sorry Joe Pa, but you need to get back on the field; the booth just ain't cutting it.

    While the game wasn't awfully coached, Joe Pa could've done better.

    Take the first quarter. I counted three halfback options where if Joe Pa would've let Rob Bolden hold on to the ball and throw it instead of handing it off, there was a solid touchdown pass opportunity.

    Joe Pa also didn't do a great job of recognizing the offense and adjusting accordingly. It's hard to adjust in the booth, which is why Joe Pa needs to hit the grass against Temple this Saturday.