Boise State Broncos: SEC Fantasy Football

Nick R. BrownContributor IIISeptember 12, 2011

Boise State charges into their first SEC fantasy football season with a win over UGA.
Boise State charges into their first SEC fantasy football season with a win over UGA.

After thinking more about my post "Could Broncos Ever Receive Invitation to Join SEC?", I decided we should play a game. Think of it as Boise State SEC fantasy football. For what my opinion is worth, I believe Texas A&M will eventually get their issues with the Big 12 resolved and we will finally see them join the Southeastern Conference.

The big question that will remain is who will be the 14th team? As everyone that's not the Big Ten knows, it's simply impossible to have an odd number of teams in your conference.

Let's imagine for this season that the 14th team would be Boise State University. What would that season look like and what would the outcome be? Thus, how I developed the idea of Boise State Broncos SEC fantasy football.

First I determined that Texas A&M would head to the SEC East and Boise State would head to the SEC West. If this were based on any sort of reality, in all likelihood Alabama and Auburn would likely move East and Boise State and Texas A&M would be added to the West.

But that creates a nightmare scenario. I would then have to reschedule the entire SEC so that those two teams would play the correct number of SEC divisional games. That's just not going to happen—call me lazy. Because of the ease of just implementing TAMU in the East because they're east of BSU and BSU in the West because they're west of TAMU, that is how I began.


So, this is what the new 14-team SEC would look like:

Texas A&M
South Carolina

Boise State
Louisiana State
Ole Miss
Mississippi State


Breaking down the season schedule of 12 games, each divisional team would now have to face all six of their divisional opponents, but would still face three cross-division SEC opponents. This would leave three out-of-conference (OOC) opponents and one open week (as is standard in the SEC) for a 12-game season.


If the Broncos were to win their division, they would also play a 13th game in the SEC Championship and, of course, a 14th bowl game since we will go ahead and assume they will qualify for a bowl of some sort.


To determine BSU's cross divisional opponents, I would need to select two additional teams to UGA. Since BSU truly did play —and beat—UGA, we will consider this one of their three cross-divisional opponents on the season and BSU will start out 1-0 in SEC play. Additionally, since BSU had their first open week this past weekend, we will also consider this date their true open week. BSU actually has two open dates, but we will handle that in a minute.

The new SEC East was numbered one through seven in alphabetical order, with the exception being Georgia, who was No. 1 and then removed from this list since BSU would not play them twice. The remaining numbers were very scientifically entered into a random number generator. The two teams that corresponded with the two numbered results were determined to be the teams in the SEC East that BSU would play in cross-divisional play. The resulting teams were Tennessee and South Carolina.


The schedule was determined by selecting when the six SEC West opponents and two remaining SEC East opponents would play OOC non-BCS automatic qualifying teams (AQ). Since many of these teams come out of the WAC, MWC and similar non-AQ conferences, it was scientifically determined that the stats of SEC teams against these opponents would be similar to stats of BSU versus similar non-AQ opponents.


This is very scientific! Don't argue with me!

The two caveats to this—solely based on the realities of real-life scheduling—include (1) the fact that BSU will be scheduled to play South Carolina on November 26th when South Carolina plays Clemson. But you guys can beat Clemson, so don't worry about that. And (2) BSU will have to play New Mexico on December 3rd—which means they may have to also play in the SEC Championship that same day.


Because of this, the stats for the game against New Mexico will be logged in for the open date of October 29th. This will allow for only one SEC open date, as is tradition, and I will also apply these stats toward the SEC Championship if BSU were to make it that far. BSU will receive a 25 percent reduction of stats since an SEC team is forced to play an SEC team on this date. It's science.

Here's what the schedule breakdown will look like:



Sep.3 Boise State Georgia 35 21 W 35-21
ARKANSAS Sep.17 Troy Toledo          
AUBURN Sep.24 Florida Atlantic Tulsa          
OLE MISS Oct.1 Fresno State Nevada          
MISS STATE Oct.8 UAB Fresno State          
CSU Oct.15 - CSU          
AIR FORCE Oct.22 - Air Force          
NEW MEXICO Oct.29 - Open date -UNM stats          
TENNESSEE Nov.5 Middle Tenn. UNLV          
LSU Nov.12 W. Kentucky TCU          
ALABAMA Nov.19 Georgia Southern SDSU          
S.CAROLINA Nov.26 Clemson Wyoming          
SEC C.G. Dec.3  Unknown Unknown          



As you can see in the spreadsheet, you will find Boise State's SEC opponent, the date of the game, the real opponent of the SEC team and BSU and the resulting final score, and the result of the BSU fantasy matchup.

Like I said, this is very scientific! But let's have fun with it anyway, and see how the Broncos do during their fictional 2011 SEC season. Each week, I plan to post a game summary with updated stats.

Here's to the Broncos in their first season of competition in the Southeastern Conference!

Week 2 is a bye week. Week 3 can be found here


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