West Virginia Football: Dana Holgorsen's Offense Could Frighten the Nation

Daniel KablackCorrespondent IIISeptember 6, 2011

LSU had trouble keeping hold of Geno Smith last season
LSU had trouble keeping hold of Geno Smith last seasonChris Graythen/Getty Images

West Virginia football is back on the right foot with Dana Holgorsen leading the team for the first time during the 2011-12 season in Morgantown.

After a couple years of slow digression, Holgorsen's coaching ability has the talented WVU athletes playing their best again.

The issue was never whether or not West Virginia lacked talent; they have always had some of the quickest players in the country. But with mostly raw ability, the Mountaineers recently lacked the coaching staff required to turn that ability into production.

That was until Oliver Luck saved the day.

Luck realizes much of the success of a program is based on the money that's made, and that's why he has gone to some lengths to make some additional money for the university.

That includes beer sales at Milan Puskar Stadium, and a game near Washington D.C. next year against James Madison University in order to try to drag some new viewers and fans into the WVU market.

Plus, he brought in someone who has proven to be an exciting winner: Dana Holgorsen.

Honestly, who wouldn't want to watch a team score 50 points per game?

Holgorsen has shown in just one game that a coaching philosophy can really make the difference.

In the Marshall game his offense started out a little flat, which is completely understandable when it's the first drive of the season—you have to get used to playing at game speed again.

Then the Mountaineer offense started to turn it on as they put up 17 points in the second quarter alone.

But if you're expecting an offensive explosion, don't be surprised if you don't find it in the game against Norfolk State.

Though Norfolk State probably won't have much success against the Mountaineers, just because they lack in talent doesn't mean the Mountaineers are going to run up the score.

Dana Holgorsen has a much bigger fish to fry, and that fish swims into Morgantown in just a few weeks.

Holgorsen wants to win the big game of the year against Louisiana State just as much as any player, coach or fan of West Virginia.

In fact, he wants to win it even more.

He is simply obsessed with winning, and he has learned how to do it with a very simple game plan.

Holgorsen understands that if he were to pull something out of his "secret stash" and run it against Norfolk State then yeah, he might have success, but that's one more play that LSU will be preparing for.

Thus, I don't believe he will be doing anything like that at all.

Dana will keep the offense very simple during the Norfolk State game and use it as another "sync" session to get the players used to competing at full speed.

I also believe he will do the same against Maryland in a couple of weeks.

Why show all your cards when you don't have to?

Why should he try to score 60 points on a Maryland team when 30 may suffice?

West Virginia Mountaineer fans want to see lots of points this year and that's fine, as they surely will at some point this season.

Those fans have had to put up with a lack of points in recent seasons anyway.

But Dana Holgorsen wants to win a national championship, and he's constantly scheming and planning in that football-saturated head of his.

That way, he's always one step ahead of them.

Beware, Louisiana State.


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