Penn State Football: 7 Things Joe Paterno Must Do to Defeat Alabama

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IISeptember 5, 2011

Penn State Football: 7 Things Joe Paterno Must Do to Defeat Alabama

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    The Penn State Nittany Lions have to make some adjustments next week if they want to beat the Alabama Crimson Tide.

    Last year, the Nittany Lions went to Alabama and got picked apart 24-3.

    This year, the Crimson Tide is coming to PSU's home turf, and the Lions have a chance to extract some sweet, sweet revenge.

    If Penn State wants to beat Alabama next week, here are the seven things Joe Paterno must do to make that happen.

Let Silas Redd Run the Show

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    Silas Redd only had 12 carries against Indiana State.

    Do you know what he got with those 12 carries? He got two touchdowns and 104 yards, with an 8.7 average.

    While he's not likely to do that against Alabama, those numbers show Redd needs to get carries if the Lions want a shot of beating the Crimson Tide.

Get Derek Moye More Involed

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    Four catches for the best wide receiver on your team is a little silly, Joe Pa.

    While Derek Moye did get 57 yards on those four catches, Moye needs a lot more catches under his belt.

    He's 6'5", 210 pounds.

    That's just a ridiculous build. Get him more involved, Joe Pa, or it's going to be a long Week 2 for the Lions.

Make Sure His Offensive Line Is in Check

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    Rob Bolden got sacked twice, and Matt McGlion got sacked once...againt Indiana State.

    If three sacks can happen against Indiana State, I'm scared to think what would've happened had Alabama been out there on Saturday.

    Joe Pa needs to have his O-line in top shape if he wants his quarterback(s) to have a legitimate shot of winning this crucial home game.

Pick One Quarterback

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    Rob Bolden should take the reins against Alabama this coming Saturday.

    I hate, hate, hate playing two quarterbacks.

    I think it's completely idiotic and that a team can't truly get in the proper groove if they keep switching quarterbacks every series or so.

    While Matt McGloin is capable of starting, Bolden is the better prospect. The only reason McGloin even had the chance to start is because Bolden got injured.

    After his atrocious Outback Bowl performance with five interceptions, I don't see how Joe Pa would even consider letting McGloin play against Alabama.

    Give Rob the reins, Joe Pa—you will not regret it.

Put Anthony Fera Back on the Field

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    I know Joe Pa and Anthony Fera still aren't on great terms, but it's time to put everything behind them.

    Alex Butterworth has potential, but Fera is just a flat-out better. Don't even get me started on Evan Lewis, who missed an extra-point kick.

    The only reason both Butterworth and Lewis are starting is because of issues between Paterno and Fera, and I think it's time to squash those issues.

Give Chaz Powell Majority of Kick Returns

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    On the very first play of the Nitanny Lions season, Chaz Powell returned a kick for a 95-yard touchdown.

    I'm pretty sure PSU fans wouldn't mind seeing some of that against Alabama on Saturday.

    Stephfon Green got his fair share of kick off returns last season, but Paterno should give Powell the majority.

Coach on the Field

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    Heading up to the season opener against Indiana State, Joe Pa had this to say: "Being upstairs is for the birds. You just don't see the beginning. I like to be on the sidelines and get a feel for things and be able to grab a kid and tell him certain things. So I'm going to try hard to be on the sideline."

    While he didn't make it to the sidelines, you can hear Joe Pa's dislike for the booth.

    There's absolutely no way PSU is beating the Crimson Tide if Paterno is coaching from the booth.

    Getting back on the sidelines is huge for the moral of the Nittany Lions and for Joe Pa himself.