NCAA Football Conference Power Rankings Week 1: LSU Wins Big, but SEC Not in 1st

Leo FlorkowskiAnalyst IIISeptember 5, 2011

NCAA Football Conference Power Rankings Week 1: LSU Wins Big, but SEC Not in 1st

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    Let me explain the power rankings. 

    This is not an indication of how each conference will fare for the 2011 college football season.  This is not a direct correlation to how these teams should be ranked in the polls. 

    To put it quite simply, this is a measurement of what each conference proved in Week 1.

    Conference play proves nothing other than who the best teams within that conference are.  Every conference has a .500 winning percentage in intraconference play every year. 

    Non-conference matchups early in the season and end-of-season bowl games are needed to give us the best gauge of how each conference stacks up.

    Each game from Week 1 will fall into one of four categories; The Good, The Blah, The Bad and The Ugly.  Pretty self explanatory.

    If this proves popular I will come back and do this again after weeks 2-4 as well. 

    Let the debating begin.

6. Pac-12

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    Overall Pac-12 record from Week 1: 8-4

    The Good: 1

    USC beat a BCS opponent in Minnesota

    The Blah: 6

    Arizona, Arizona State, Utah and Washington State all spanked FCS opponents like they should have.  Stanford and California get more credit for whipping WAC foes, but their wins are still blah-worthy.

    The Bad: 3

    UCLA lost to a solid Houston team led by star QB Case Keenum.  I won't bury them for that loss, as Houston is one of the better non-AQ schools out there.

    Oregon lost to a good LSU team in the biggest matchup of the weekend.  Props to them for playing such a tough opponent, but a loss will always land you in The Bad section.

    Washington barely beat FCS opponent Eastern Washington.  Pathetic wins land you down here.

    The Ugly: 2

    Colorado got spanked by Hawaii.  Yes, Hawaii is typically one of the better non-AQ programs out there, and the game was in Hawaii.  However, I watched a big chunk of that game and The Buffs got whipped.  I expect more out of them.

    Oregon State lost in OT to Sacramento State.  Easily the most embarrassing loss of any BCS team in Week 1.  The Beavers should hang their heads in shame.

5. ACC

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    Overall ACC record from Week 1: 7-3

    The Good: 0

    The Blah: 7

    Georgia Tech, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Virginia and Virginia Tech all stomped FCS opponents like they should have. 

    Clemson and Florida State get slightly more credit for whipping Sun Belt opponents.

    The Bad: 2

    Wake Forest lost to Syracuse.

    Boston College lost to Northwestern, even though the Wildcats were without star QB Dan Persa.  Very bad loss.

    The Ugly: 1

    Duke lost to FCS opponent Richmond.  I know the ACC is a basketball conference.  I know Duke is a basketball school.  Losing to Richmond is still inexcusable. 

4. Big Ten

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    Overall Big Ten record from Week 1: 10-2

    The Good: 1

    Northwestern, as previously mentioned, beat Boston College without star QB Dan Persa.  Kudos to them.

    The Blah: 8

    Iowa, Michigan State, Nebraska and Penn State whipped FCS opponents like they should have.

    Illinois, Michigan, Ohio State and Wisconsin get slightly more credit for crushing opponents from either the MAC, MWC or Sun Belt conference.

    The Bad: 2

    Minnesota lost to a superior team in USC.

    Purdue needed a late-blocked FG attempt to prevent their game against Middle Tennessee from going to OT.  That was a bad win.

    The Ugly: 1

    Indiana lost to Ball State.  You can't lose a game to Ball State, even if you are a bottom feeder in the Big Ten.

3. SEC

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    Overall SEC record from Week 1: 10-2

    The Good: 1

    LSU picked up hands-down the best win of any team Week 1 when they beat the Oregon Ducks in Dallas. 

    Considering what they proved, I would move them up to No. 1 in the polls if I had a vote.  That would be followed by Boise State, if you were wondering. 

    Both teams were highly ranked coming into the season and proved more Week 1 than any other teams out there.

    The Blah: 7

    Arkansas, Tennessee and Vanderbilt all spanked FCS opponents like they should have.

    Alabama, Florida, Mississippi State and South Carolina get a little more credit for beating up on opponents from Conference USA, MAC and Sun Belt.

    The Bad: 3

    Georgia lost to Boise State.  Yes, Boise State is a National Championship contender, but a loss is a loss.

    Kentucky only beat Western Kentucky by 11 points.  The same Western Kentucky that might be the worst FBS team in all of college football over the last few years. 

    Winning by only 11 is not good enough.

    Ole Miss lost a close one to BYU.  BYU is solid, but a loss is a loss.

    The Ugly: 1

    Defending champion Auburn needed a minor miracle comeback to beat Utah State. 

    Not Utah.  Utah State. 

    As the defending national champion and a current ranked team, that is the ugliest win you might ever see.  This could be a long year for Auburn in the SEC.

2. Big 12

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    Overall Big 12 record from Week 1: 10-0

    The Good: 1

    Baylor had the second-best win of any BCS team by beating TCU.  Sure, they blew a huge lead, but they did manage to come back and win the game. 

    Robert Griffin III put up some huge numbers to throw his hat in the Heisman race.

    The Blah: 7

    Kansas and Texas Tech creamed FCS opponents like they should have.

    Missouri, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas A&M get slightly more credit for beating teams from Conference USA, MAC and Sun Belt.

    The Bad: 0

    The Ugly: 2

    Iowa State needed a last-minute TD to beat FCS opponent Northern Iowa.  For shame, Cyclones.  For shame.

    Kansas State needed a late TD to beat FCS opponent Eastern Kentucky.  See Iowa State above.

1. Big East

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    Overall Big East record from Week 1: 8-0

    The Good: 2

    South Florida picked up one of the biggest wins this weekend by going into South Bend and beating Notre Dame amid the rain and lightning.

    Syracuse beat Wake Forest.  Not exciting, but still a win over a BCS opponent.

    The Blah: 5

    Cincinnati, Connecticut and Rutgers crushed FCS opponents like they should have.

    Pittsburgh and West Virginia did slightly more to impress by beating teams from Conference USA and the MAC.

    The Bad: 1

    Louisville only beat FCS opponent Murray State by 12.  Even another TD only gets this to Blah level consideration.

    The Ugly: 0