Oregon Ducks Football: Best QBs of All-Time

Alex Shoemaker@https://twitter.com/#!/MrAlexShoemakerAnalyst IIAugust 7, 2011

Oregon Ducks Football: Best QBs of All-Time

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    This will be the start of a series in which every position will be covered and evaluated for their performance with the Oregon Ducks.

    We start with quarterback, then tomorrow will unveil the running backs, then receivers and so on, until a full Oregon Ducks all-time team is formed.

    (Note: Rankings are based off of statistical performance with the Ducks, as well as leadership ability and performance in professional football. Feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree with any of these choices.)

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Honorable Mentions

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    Akili Smith: Smith is seventh in Oregon history for career passing yardage and total offense. This dual-threat quarterback put up gaudy numbers in only two seasons with the Ducks. His success with Oregon, however, did not translate to the NFL.

    Nate Costa: A fan favorite, Costa battled injury after injury in his time with the Ducks. To those who doubt his eligibility on this list, watch the 2009 game against Arizona to see how clutch this guy is. He will truly be missed.

    Darron Thomas: Thomas led the Ducks to arguably their greatest season in school history. With two more years of eligibility remaining, he could easily make his way near the top of this list.

    Bob Berry: Played 11 seasons in the NFL with Minnesota and Atlanta, Berry is 10th in career passing yardage at Oregon.

10. Tony Graziani

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    Graziani was another dual-threat quarterback for the Ducks, who ranks eighth all time in career passing and total offense.

    Graziani gained national recognition at one point for being the highest paid player in arena football, but his skills never made an impact in the NFL.

9. George Shaw

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    Shaw played both offense and defense for the Ducks in the 1950s.

    His quick sling and pure determination makes him an Oregon legend.

    Shaw will be in the ranks of great Ducks at another position as well.

8. Kellen Clemens

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    Clemens is third all time in total passing yards and total offense.

    In his senior season with the Ducks, Clemens nearly led Oregon to a perfect season, but a broken leg in Tucson, AZ prevented that.

    Clemens previously played backup to Mark Sanchez with the Jets.

    Clemens now plays for the Redskins.

7. Chris Miller

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    If it wasn’t for a multitude of concussions, Miller may very well have been an All-Star-caliber quarterback in the NFL.

    Miller was a vocal leader for the Ducks, and he was the face of Oregon football in the 1980s.

6. Dennis Dixon

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    My favorite Ducks quarterback of all time.

    Oregon was primed to make a run at the national title in 2007, but a severe injury to Dixon ruined those chances and took him from the front of the Heisman watch.

    Ducks fans will always wonder, what if Dixon didn’t get hurt?

5. Norm Van Brocklin

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    One of six Ducks in the NFL Hall of Fame, Brocklin stared for the Ducks for three seasons.

    Had he not forgone his final year of eligibility, he may have been No. 1 on this list.  

    (Note: This picture is of Brocklin being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.)

4. Dan Fouts

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    Fouts is arguably the most famous Ducks alumni, both as a player and sports personality.

    He represents Oregon every Sunday covering NFL football games, and he’s one of the best there is.

    In three seasons with Oregon, Fouts passed for nearly 6,000 yards.

3. Danny O’Neil

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    From 1991-1994, Danny O’Neil had one of the greatest careers for the Ducks.

    O’Neil is currently second in career passing yardage and total offense.

    For all four years of his career, O’Neil led the Ducks in passing.

    O'Neil also was the MVP of the 1995 Rose Bowl, the only MVP to come from a losing team.

2. Bill Musgrave

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    Musgrave is pretty much first in every major passing statistic at the University of Oregon.

    From 1987-1990, Musgrave totaled 8,343 yards and 60 touchdowns.

    Musgrave was simply unstoppable with the Ducks.

1. Joey Harrington

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    Joey Heisman, as I like to call him.

    Joey Harrington led the Ducks in the 2001 season to a remarkable 11-1 record and finished the year ranked second in the nation.

    If not for the BCS robbing Oregon of their shot in the national title game, Joey may have had another trophy to boast.

    To me, Joey will always be "Captain Comeback."