Ohio State Football: Attention Jim Tressel and Buckeyes Haters

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COLUMBUS, OH - SEPTEMBER 12: Quarterback Terrelle Pryor #2 of the Ohio State Buckeyes and head coach Jim Tressel walk on the field during the game against the Southern California Trojans on September 12, 2009 at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. The Trojans defeated the Buckeyes 18-15. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
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Yes, we get it already.

You hate Ohio State and you're running with this story faster than a fat kid runs to the buffet at Golden Corral.

Jim Tressel received several emails in early April, 2010 that stated that two of his players were involved with a somewhat less-than-reputable tattoo shop owner who was currently the subject of a federal investigation.

The emails suggested that the players may have sold or traded personal items (trophies, rings, etc) to the shop owner in exchange for money and tattoos, but Tressel did not confirm his knowledge of the situation until December.

Here's where we separate people of my ilk from the clueless dolts who have nothing better to do than assume they know everything that transpired and that Tressel indeed knew what was going on the minute these emails arrived in his email inbox.

The problem here for you haters is that just because Tressel received those emails does not mean he needed to pick up the phone and call the NCAA to inform them that violations had occurred.

Ever hear of due diligence, or did you just expect Tressel to assume the emails were written by Jesus, so they are 100 percent true?

If you know anything about the lawyer who penned said emails, then you know he's about as believable as George H.W. Bush when he said, and I quote, "Read my lips, no new taxes."

He has his own legal issues and has even had his license to practice law suspended on at least one occasion, so forgive coach Tressel if he wanted to look into the allegations before sounding the alarm.

Tressel and Ohio State could face further sanctions from the NCAA once they conclude their investigation, but don't believe the ridiculous "hammer-to-come-down" hype being spread by CBS college football "analyst"/resident Buckeye hater Dennis Dodd—this isn't the second coming of SMU, I promise.

And as for this talk of Ohio State being repeat offenders and how they should be punished as much or more than what USC was...

Talk about blowing this entire situation completely out of proportion.

USC bought OJ Mayo for their basketball team and knew that Reggie Bush and his family had been given cash and a free condo on "Slippery" Pete Carroll's watch.

The players and coach Tressel broke various rules (not to say that makes the rules in question right), but nobody at Ohio State gave these players money or houses to come to Columbus.

Instead, the players sold their own items for money that they needed/wanted.

The coach was informed of the situation but he could not just assume at the time that it was true beyond a reasonable doubt.

Then, of course, the haters like to ignore that whole ongoing federal investigation that Tressel could have unraveled all in the name of NCAA bylaw 10.1, which bans "unethical conduct."

Where I'm from, interfering with a federal investigation is much worse, and far more punishable that not telling your A.D. or the NCAA that you "think" some of your players "might be" involved in certain activities deemed unacceptable for the standards set forth upon student-athletes.

Just remember, these kids aren't allowed to have jobs and the stipend they get does not allow them to do much of anything other than eat. And most of them aren't from well-to-do, upper-middle class or upper-class families.

Since when does being a college athlete mean you're supposed to be poor and never have money to enjoy college life, or to be able to afford to go out with your friends, all while you make MILLIONS for the university you attend and the TV network that hates you so much?

Apparently since right now.

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