Charlie Weis and Florida Offense: Can the Weis Magic Help John Brantley?

Allen KimSenior Analyst IJanuary 4, 2011

Charlie Weis and Florida Offense: Can the Weis Magic Help John Brantley?

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    Charlie Weis has been hired as the Florida Gators offensive coordinator.

    Weis will bring a pro-style offense to Florida, which would be a drastic change from Urban Meyer's spread option offense.

    John Brantley was abysmal in the spread option offense and he is in dire need of a change.

    Will Weis be able to work his magic as offensive coordinator and breathe new life into Brantley and Florida's offense?

Yes: Improved Running Game Should Make Life Easier

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    The Kansas City Chiefs have the No. 1 rushing offense in the NFL, and Charlie Weis should greatly improve Florida's running game.

    A pro-style offense should attract more recruits now that the shared spread system has been done away with.

    With a respectable running game in place, it should give Brantley some breathing room and allow him to work behind center with a more balanced attack.

No: Brantley Is Not Great Under Pressure

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    In a pro-style offense, John Brantley will see a lot of reps under center in a pocket formation.

    Throughout his tenure in Florida, Brantley has not made good decisions when forced with pressure.

    If he becomes a pocket passer, he needs to get accustomed to the pressure that comes with standing tall in the pocket.

Yes: Quarterbacks Thrived in His System

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    Charlie Weis has a proven record of quarterbacks thriving in his offensive scheme.

    His track record goes all the way back to Tom Brady when he was offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots to his remarkable work with Matt Cassel in Kansas City.

    He has developed quarterbacks into proven talent and he could very well do the same with John Brantley.

No: Weis Has an Unimpressive Track Record in College Football

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    Charlie Weis has had great success in the NFL—as evidenced by his multiple Super Bowl rings—but his tenure in the College Football ranks has been anything but impressive.

    Weis enjoyed two successful seasons in his first two years with Notre Dame, but completely tanked the next three years.

    He finished with a 35-27 record as head coach for the Fighting Irish and 1-2 in Bowl games.

Yes: Brantley Was Bad Fit for Spread Offense

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    John Brantley was never a good fit for the spread option attack employed by Urban Meyer.

    He is slow and doesn't have the athleticism capable of thriving in such a system. You don't have to look any further than Brantley's -111 rushing yards as proof of this.

    With a pro-style offense, Brantley can focus on his passing mechanics and doing damage through the air and not the ground.

No: Brantley Has to Be Torn Down and Rebuilt

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    John Brantley spent his first three seasons in Florida learning and working under the spread option offense.

    With Charlie Weis coming to town, Brantley will have to start from scratch and learn an entirely new offense.

    It's no easy task reinventing a quarterback and Weis will have a tough task at hand with Brantley.

Yes: Salvage His College Career and Pro Prospects

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    John Brantley was a highly touted prospect coming out of high school, but his tenure at Florida has been nothing short of a disaster.

    Brantley is even considering transferring to another school in an attempt to build up enough stock to get drafted into the NFL.

    A pro-style offense can do wonders for a player and it could significantly raise their draft stock if Brantley even has any left.

No: Weis Could Attract a Better Prospect to Overtake His Position

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    John Brantley is not guaranteed the starting quarterback position for next year.

    With a new regime in place, they could opt to cut ties and find another quarterback they feel is more suitable to run their offense.

    Charlie Weis' reputation could lure some top prospects to Florida who could easily overtake Brantley.

Yes: Weis Is a Great Offensive Mind

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    Charlie Weis doesn't get much respect as a head coach, but his resume as offensive coordinator more than speaks for itself.

    Weis is undoubtedly a great offensive mind and John Brantley could flourish with Weis mentoring him.

    Brantley could really learn a lot from Weis and take great strides to possibly even continuing his career at the next level.

No: Can't Teach Leadership and Poise

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    Charlie Weis has had great success with quarterbacks and he's sure to have a plethora of knowledge to bestow upon John Brantley, but there's only so much he can teach him.

    The one thing Brantley has failed to show as a quarterback is leadership and poise, two vital requirements for any quarterback.

    Those are two areas that you either have or you don't. Weis can do nothing for him in that department.


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    John Brantley had an awful season as the full-time starter for the Florida Gators.

    When you really look at it, Brantley can't get any worse under Charlie Weis. He'll have the opportunity to work in a system better suited for his style of play and Weis has turned duds into studs.

    Brantley probably won't return the Gators to the same level of prominence the school had under Tim Tebow, but he can at least turn his career around and earn back some of the respect he lost this past season.