Auburn Weak, Oregon & Boise State Look Strong: How the Top 4 BCS Teams Match Up

Bohdi SandersContributor IIINovember 16, 2010

BERKELEY, CA - NOVEMBER 13:  Josh Huff #4 of the Oregon Ducks runs with the ball against the California Golden Bears at California Memorial Stadium on November 13, 2010 in Berkeley, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The 2010 season is winding down and there are only four undefeated teams left going into the home stretch. The media is obviously hoping for a matchup between No. 1 Oregon and No. 2 Auburn, but are they really the two best teams?

All four of these undefeated teams are in the top eight nationally in total offense. It is on the defensive side of the ball where the distinction lies. Oregon, TCU and Boise State are all in the top 20 in total defense. Boise State and TCU are in the top three.

Auburn is ranked No. 51 in total defense, and I think that this is destined to be its downfall. With games coming up against Alabama and South Carolina, the Tigers' luck will likely run out.

My power ranking as of today would be:

No. 1 Boise State
No. 2 Oregon
No. 3 TCU
No. 4 Auburn

The media bias against non-BCS conference teams is becoming more and more evident. There is already talk about a one-loss Auburn playing against Oregon. The problem with that irrational logic is that Auburn may have two losses by the time the National Championship rolls around.

Not only does Auburn have the Cam Newton controversy that will continue to be a distraction, but the Tigers have to travel to Alabama to face a Crimson Tide team that's total focus will be on ruining Auburn's national title hopes.

I predict Alabama will successfully play the role of spoiler. In addition, the Tigers will still be reeling when they go to Atlanta to play a fired up South Carolina team. Auburn's dream season could come crashing back down to earth during the last two weeks of the season, and it could actually end up with two loses.

Oregon showed signs of weakness last weekend, barely defeating Cal 15-13. With Arizona and instate rival Oregon State coming up during the next two weeks, the Ducks aren't out of the woods yet either, but they are definitely in better shape than Auburn.

The close call against Cal may have actually been the best thing that could have happened for the Ducks. That may have been the wake-up call that Oregon needed going into the home stretch. There is no way that they will have a letdown after such a close call, especially with an open date this week.

I look for the Ducks to finish the season undefeated and holding on the the first place ranking, which will make Oregon one of the two teams in the BCS Championship game.

This leaves TCU and Boise State. TCU also demonstrated against San Diego State that it may not be as strong as people thought. Out of the four undefeated teams, the Horned Frogs have had the easiest schedule.

TCU will also end the season undefeated. Its last game, on November 27, is against hapless New Mexico. Frosty the Snowman has a better chance of taking over hell than the Lobos have of beating TCU. It's 12-0 for TCU!

Then there is Boise State. The Broncos have three games left, but at this point in time, Boise State appears to be the most balanced of the four teams. Looking at the remaining schedule, ending the season undefeated is not a gimme, but it appears likely.

Boise State has looked totally dominant this season. The game on November 26 against No. 18 Nevada will be the key for the Broncos season, although none of their remaining games are locks.

Whether Boise State or TCU gets selected to play against Oregon in the BCS Championship game is anyone's guess at this point. I personally think that it should be Boise State, unless the Broncos fall flat during one of the last three games.

One thing that definitely should not happen is a one-loss Auburn leapfrogging one or two undefeated teams to get into the BCS Championship game. If the Tigers can make it through the season undefeated, they definitely deserve to be in the championship game. But if they lose one of their last two games, they should not even be considered.

Yes, I know that there is a difference in the schedules, but Arkansas State, LA-Monroe and Chattanooga are not really national powerhouses either.

It seems that the time has come to quit whining about Boise State's schedule and determine whether or not the Broncos are worthy of the title on the field of play. I think that the Broncos are the best team in the country at this time.

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