Bronco B.S.: Why Boise State Fans Need a Mega Dose of Reality

Tom BaerCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2010

Boise State + BCS = B.S.
Boise State + BCS = B.S.

Wyoming, New Mexico State, Toledo, San Jose State, Louisiana Tech, Hawaii, Idaho, Fresno State and Utah State.

Hey Boise State fans, do those teams ring a bell? They should; they are three-fourths of your team's hideous schedule.

Obviously, the Broncos can only beat the 11 men against whom they line up, and the players can't help that the WAC is whack.

Regardless, Boise State is nothing more than a wildly successful mid-major program. Bronco fans should be proud. But please don't equate an undefeated record with a national championship shot; the Smurf Turfers don't deserve such a chance.

Here's a college basketball analogy: Duke finishes 31-3, beating several Top 25 teams, most in the unyielding ACC. Harvard breezes through the season 28-0, feasting primarily on Ivy League foes and other weaklings. The Crimson's two "major" victories: Virginia Tech and Oregon State.

Ask yourself, does Duke deserve a No. 1 seed? Absolutely. The Blue Devils proved their worth by winning the ACC and defeating several tourney teams.

Does Harvard? Of course not. The Ivy Leaguers had two decent victories, but otherwise their resume lacks top seed credentials.

That analogy goes right back to Boise State (i.e., Harvard). Sure, the Broncos deserve accolades for whipping the competition. But how, in all honesty, can anyone claim that BSU will have earned a title shot given their Harvard schedule? After 12 games, Boise State will have only three "tourney-caliber" wins: Virginia Tech, Oregon State and Nevada.

If any fan provides a logical, sound argument for Boise's inclusion in the BCS National Championship Game, then fine. But among the thousands of articles on the subject to date, no such argument exists.

The goal here is certainly not to rip Boise State. Rather, the purpose of this article is to bring you, the Bronco fan, back to reality.

Why? Because you're delusional.

Your team is good, but a mid-major program with a pitiful schedule has no business playing for the crystal trophy in January.