2012 College Football Recruiting:Josh Williams Speeds Past His Opponents

Mike PendletonCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2010

"He's got that IT factor, I don't know what IT is, but he's a special player." Those words were said with excitement from Downers Grove South 22nd-year head coach John Belskis on his star running back, Josh Williams.

Williams, a junior for the South Mustangs (Downers Grove, IL) was the anchor for his team against cross-town rival Downers Grove North. With six starters out of the game the Mustangs who were on the road against the Trojans were going to need their star performer to once again, star. 

Just one week after rushing for 226 yards on 31 carries and two touchdowns, Williams was at it again. Carrying the ball over 30 times this week rushing for 230 yards and two touchdowns teams are starting to take notice. 

The Trojans would not kick Williams way and for good reason, when he finally got his hands on the ball off a kickoff he returned it 60 yards while bouncing off three tackles and giving his team favorable field position.

Some young high school backs with the potential of Williams may not be able to carry the work load that he is able to withstand. Injuries along with game management were the reasons Williams found himself running the ball over 30 times. Like any great player would Williams loved it, saying "I don't get tired, at least not until the next day so I'll do whatever it takes to get my team the win."

Young star, humble, and team first? It's hard to find those type of players, especially in high school. Williams has blazing speed, elusiveness, and a desire to win and those skill-sets draw comparisons to New Orleans Saints' running back, Reggie Bush.

Minus the allegations of course.

Like Bush, Williams will soon be hearing from plenty of colleges and as the recruiting process begins for this young man, he doesn't let the attention distract him saying "Wherever I'm needed to play college ball, I will go. Until college time approaches my life, I'm concerned about making my South Mustangs a better team game in and game out.

To have your skills compared to the likes of Reggie Bush one must be worth watching. That is why every Friday night when the lights are bright and the stands become filled with screaming fans and interested parents Williams puts on a show. 

Cameras, scouts, and big time reporters aren't needed at Williams' game as he pays no mind.

"The only way I know someone is there is if they approach me after the game. Before the game I'm rallying my teammates and beginning mental prep. During the game I'm just out there doing everything in my power to guide my team to victory.