South Carolina Gets Letter of Inquiry, but Chris Culliver Is Cleared To Play UGA

Alex RobertsCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2010

Chris Culliver has been cleared to play.
Chris Culliver has been cleared to play.Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images


South Carolina is now legit enough to take place in the Spanish Inquisition.  

I mean, NCAA investigations.

While many people saw this coming due to the hotel-gate incident and Weslye "The Cancer" Saunders abhorrent behavior, many fans are now panicking. 

Once again, don't worry.

This letter means that the investigation is still ongoing with the University.  That's all.  Currently, no new developments have cropped up.

Georgia received a letter of inquiry regarding A.J. Green in July, Tennessee fully expects to receive one, Alabama got a "preliminary" letter, and the world keeps on spinning. 

That is not to say that new issues will not arise from this.  The entire reason the Whitney Hotel situation is what it is, because the NCAA came to investigate Saunders, and from there, they found out about the living situation. 

Many media outlets are turning it into more than it is.  The coaches expected it.  This is no shock. 

While the investigation does hold a cloud over the heads of the program, coach Spurrier will have the players focused and ready to play.

Say what you will about Steve Spurrier, but in 20 years of coaching, he has never been investigated, or ran anything other then a by-the-books ship.  Many people may have had problems with his personality or running up the score at Florida, but no one can deny he is a fairly clean human being (on the surface, of course). 

One bright spot... Chris Culliver has been cleared to play Saturday against Georgia.