2010 Iowa Pre-Season Draft Rankings

hawkeye gamefilmContributor IAugust 24, 2010

So a little context to these numbers:
1) These are what I call "snap shot" evaluations. As of Aug 2010 this is the draft value I've got for the prospects. These are very fluid and can shift up or down greatly as the 2010 season commences. This is especially true of underclass-man as there has been less film to evaluate.
2) The Draft Rating column is out of 100 and I use a fairly complex formula consisting of raw physical tools, position skills, scheme versatility, intelligence, intangibles, and durability. Scouts Inc(ESPN's scouting division) uses a similar formula, though historically they've placed more value on raw physical attributes.

Player NameCollege PositionProjected Pro positionDraft Rating(100)Round Value

Adrian ClaybornDE(4-3)DE(4-3)(3-4)93Early 1st(Top 15)

Christian BallardDT(2 Tech)DT(2 Tech)77Early 3rd(Top75)

Darrell Johnson-KoulianosWRWR(Z)72Late 3rd(Top 100)

Karl KlugDT(3 Tech)DE(5 Tech)DT?575th-6th(Top 200)

Ricky StanziQBQB497th-UFA

Brett GreenwoodFSFS37Undrafted FA

Broderick BinnsDE(4-3)DE(4-3)44Undrafted FA

Marvin McNuttWRWR42Undrafted FA

Riley ReiffLTLT78Early 3rd(Top 75)

Shaun PraterCBCB46Undrafted FA

Tyler SashSSSS645th(Top 160)