Disappointment Heard: Grades Keep Another Recruit Out Of Lincoln

Josh KleinCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2010

First Chase Harper, now Braylon Heard and Nebraska just lost out on three star offensive line recruit Dylan Admire who was previously committed to Nebraska in February before the Huskers promptly added four new four-star offensive line recruits this summer.

In case you haven't heard, Cardinal Mooney stand out Braylon Heard, one of the most anticipated recruits for the Huskers in 2010, won't be making it on campus this fall due to academic reasons.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened to Nebraska in recent history. Just a month ago, Chase Harper was informed that his grades weren't up to snuff and he wouldn't be in Lincoln this fall either.

Just a year ago, Antonio Bell re-enrolled to UNL after not being academically eligible to arrive on campus in 2008.

Hopefully this doesn't become a trend for Pelini's recruiting in the future, because there might come a day where one of the recruits that can't make it needs to be plugged in right away.

Luckily, Nebraska is deep at both the Tight End and the Running Back position in 2010 and might have redshirted both Heard and Harper anyway.  Let's just hope that the same doesn't happen for more future prospects that could hurt us early on.

One thing we know is true is that Pelini can recruit talent in spite of star ratings. He recruits work ethic and potential, not plateaued talent.  That being said, it seems that he hasn't been too concerned with grades.

And why should he be? He's recruiting these players to play football, not become physicists. However, one would hope that he's strongly encouraging academic desire within the commitment, but again, these are high school students we are talking about here.

The final question remains, if and when they get here, what's to say they stay eligible? The answer is, who knows, but what we do know is that this is now two high profile recruits unable to fulfill academic requirements.

Hopefully this isn't becoming a trend, and hopefully we will see Heard in a Husker uniform in 2011.