Delusions of Grandeur: Miami Hurricanes Fans Expecting Rout of Buckeyes?

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.comAnalyst IJuly 28, 2010

As laughable as that sentiment seems, at least to most astute college football fans, it is apparently true....

Hotnuke and Sanford Lazarf are the most outspoken with that opinion thus far, but I'm sure there are plenty others of their ilk just waiting to jump on the Miami "in a rout " bandwagon.

Don't be surprised when they disappear and jump back off that same bandwagon sometime around 7 PM on September 11.

I guess maybe they all must have forgotten where all the cocky trash talk and chest-thumping got them back in 2002....

Well, here's a friendly reminder for them. No need to thank me 'Canes fans!

But let's consider something a bit more current for some true perspective here.

The 2010 Buckeyes and the 2010 Hurricanes won't be all that much different than each were a year ago.

The then-No. 8 Buckeyes went 11-2 and dominated then-No. 7 Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

The then-No. 14 Canes ended up at 9-4 after losing to then-No. 25 Wisconsin. The final score of 20-14 was much closer than the actual game.

Miami could not stop Badger running back John Clay all day as he rushed for over 100 yards and two scores.

Miami, trailing 20-7, scored a garbage-time touchdown with 1:22 left in the game to indicate a much closer game than was actually played.

Ohio State beat that same Badger team 31-13, while holding John Clay to only 59 yards on 20 carries and no touchdowns.

All that being said, I would hope that we all know the results from the 2009 season do not guarantee what will happen in 2010, but on paper, "the U" sure looks to be a heavy underdog on September 11 in The Shoe.

I'm not sure why Miami fans are so overconfident or why they are talking so much smack, but they are.

See for yourself here and here .

Those are just a couple of examples (for now) from one particular overconfident Miami fan.

I do know a few Miami fans who can actually carry on a sensible and logical discussion about the upcoming game and who understand that winning in Columbus will be extremely difficult if not darn near impossible.

Unfortunately and undoubtedly, they are few and far between.

As the start of the season, and the Ohio State-Miami game in particular, draws near, there will surely be more posts like those of Hotnuke's and you can be sure I'll post them here for all to see when I find them.

Not to toot my own horn here, so to speak, but I am the founder and owner of a pretty well-known Ohio State blog, so without name-dropping, but in response to one of your recent comments, yes Sanford, I do have connections to, and have interviewed and spoken with, several Buckeye players.

I also have access to various other media outlets and I will be sure to continue to forward these types of postings to every one of them as well if for no other reason than pure amusement.

We Buckeyes always enjoy a good, and the last, laugh...

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