The Effects of a 2007 Georgia National Title

Dylan MartinContributor IIIJuly 10, 2010

In my last article, I gave a scenario "What If Georgia Played LSU In The 2007 SEC Title?"

This time, I look at the possible effects of Georgia winning the national title in 2007 instead of LSU winning their second one.

Here is a list of possible outcomes that could be positive or negative on college football. These are in random order and have no meaning on their place.


1. The SEC Gets Stronger

Well the SEC would get stronger anyway but, with a fourth SEC team winning in 2007 instead of 2009 recruiting powers grow for every SEC team.

The SEC is also seen as winnable for many but, at the same time very tough. In 2009, when Alabama wins the national title, the SEC grows stronger again having, almost half of the SEC teams win a national title in 12 years.   


2. The Drought Ends

After 27 years, a long drought ends for Georgia and all the passion of being a Dawg that was alive in the '80's is back in Athens. The off-season for Georgia is the greatest in a long time and belief is back.

Another drought is snapped in the 2008 season, with Georgia shutting up Urban Myer and winning a second straight game vs. Florida and a curse is broken.


3. Les Miles Is Fired

With no second national title for LSU, rumors begin firing up about Les and that his seat is getting warm. After a 2008 season, LSU gives Les one more year.

Another sad year for LSU untimely ends Les Miles coaching career, and you can speculate on who replaces him.


4. Tim Tebow Never Gets His Second National Title

With the sudden surge of Georgia and Alabama, Florida is caught in the crosshairs and does not become an elite team.

Alabama rides of surprise and Georgia rides of passion to Atlanta. Georgia beats Alabama and wins a second straight national title and Knowshon wins a Heisman.


5. Richt Is Glorified In Athens

After 2008, Mark Richt gains a bonus and the fans and students automatically call for his name in the Hall of Fame after he retires.

Athens glorifies his name and even creates a statue. After the 2009 season which ends in a 9-3 record due to Stafford and Moreno leaving early, the fans love him more for sealing with a big loss.

All these are possible outcomes if Georgia won a national title in 2007, while they might not have happen, it's still fun to question "What If?"