What If Georgia Played LSU In The 2007 SEC Championship Game?

Dylan MartinContributor IIIJuly 9, 2010

ESPN has been doing "What If Scenarios" where they take major events in college football and see what would happen if the event never happened. Monday ESPN will do "What If Lindsay Scott Never Made The Touchdown In 1980" so I decided to do one. The 2007 season was a surprising and frustrating one but, what if Vanderbilt beat Tennessee?

The scenario: it's the week before Thanksgiving, Tennessee has fought back from a 15 point deficit to take a 25-24 lead. But, Vanderbilt is not dead yet. D.J Moore returns a kickoff for 55 yards putting Vanderbilt in position to win. Kicker Hahnfeldt kicks the ball but, instead of pulling left the ball makes it through the goal giving Vanderbilt a 27-25 win.

The same day Georgia finished their conference games with a 6-2 SEC record ending any chance Tennessee had at the SEC title. Now Georgia, who is the hottest team in the nation is playing LSU for an SEC title. 

It's the first of December in the year 2007, this year has been crazy and the SEC title game may hold the national champion. A 10-2 LSU team who has declined somewhat and a raging 10-2 Georgia team are about to knock heads.

Georgia gains some some respect by taking a 17-7 lead going into half time. LSU comes out in third for a final push closing the gap to 27-21. Georgia finishes off LSU in the fourth and wins 34-21.

Georgia is a clear number one, but Buckeye love is still around in 2007. Georgia is not favored in the national title but, the Dawgs end the love for Ohio State hammering the Buckeyes 40-17.

In my next article I will examine the effects of a Georgia national title.