Does Speed Sacrifice for Power on the Auburn Defense?

Kevin McGradySenior Writer IJuly 7, 2010

AUBURN, AL - NOVEMBER 27:  Mike Blanc #93 of the Auburn Tigers against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Jordan-Hare Stadium on November 27, 2009 in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There is a topic that has arisen as more experts become aware of the speed on the Auburn team. Many have simply gone back and looked deeper into the actual talent on the team and modified their evaluation.

Most of these have put Auburn as a legitimate threat to contend for the SEC West.

There is another point of view on this topic as well.

It was brought to my attention; teams that recruited speed to defend against the spread offense faced difficulty stopping teams that run power offenses. Their point seemed to be that the Auburn defense would be overpowered by such teams.

With such an unanswered question out there it seemed some research was in order. Size is a very big issue in the defensive front seven. 

The main competition for Auburn in the SEC for the last few years have come from Florida, LSU, Georgia and Alabama. If a comparison is made of the average weight at each position, it should give fans some insight.







Defensive Tackle

289.5 lbs.

296.5 lbs.

309 lbs.

280.2 lbs.

304 lbs.

Defensive End

242.7 lbs.

245 lbs.

284.8 lbs.

246.5 lbs.

274.8 lbs.


225.8 lbs.

227.1 lbs.

231.1 lbs.

221 lbs.

253 lbs.


203.2 lbs.

198.1 lbs.

206.2 lbs.

193.2 lbs.

203.5 lbs.


188.5 lbs.

184.6 lbs.

186 lbs.


190.3 lbs.


Alabama and Georgia both run a 3-4 defense where the rest run a 4-3. To really see if there is any difference we must add up a total for each team. A look at the total weight and the defensive front seven weights for each team should give the answer.








2525.2 lbs.

2529.7 lbs.

2568.4 lbs.

2471.8 lbs.

2653.2 lbs.

Front Seven

1741.8 lbs.

1764.3 lbs.

1803 lbs

1716.4 lbs.

1865.6 lbs.


There is an average of 11 lbs per man difference between the heaviest team Alabama and the fastest team Auburn. In fact, it is stunning exactly how this reveals the difference in the teams.

Alabama is the heaviest and also has the least speed in their defensive depth chart.

Georgia tips the scales as second heaviest and has the second slowest overall speed.

Florida weighs in third heaviest and is second in overall speed.

Auburn is the forth heaviest team and the fastest in overall speed.

LSU is the lightest team overall and the third fastest in overall speed.