Rumor: Texas A&M And Oklahoma Potentially Moving To SEC?

Dylan MartinContributor IIIJune 13, 2010

Well the rumors are blazing again, all this expansion talk has had me glued to the T.V and searching the web like never before. For a while nobody thought the SEC would do anything expansion wise and the Pac-10 would do as they please. Well they were wrong the SEC is now trying and just might be exceding in leaving the Pac-10 dumbfounded.

Everyone knows now that the SEC and Texas A&M are talking and some believe that the SEC may steal A&M. That was a bombshell since everyone thought they were going to the Pac-10. Well prepare for an even bigger bombshell, — the Rivals site for the University of Texas — reports that Texas A&M is already on the verge of joining the SEC and Oklahoma might be next.

Rumors yes but most of what the Texas Rivals website has come true. If this is true the Pac-10 would be crushed losing a huge piece of the Big 12. Now as you may already know the Pac-10 commissioner has had talks with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State with the Sooners deciding their fate Wednesday.  

Here is what you may not know the SEC commissioner was in College Station today meeting with the Oklahoma AD. Yesterday an unknown but high ranking source said the SEC would love to take Oklahoma or Texas with A&M. Does this mean Oklahoma said no or does this mean Slive was dealing in the dark the entire time and there is already a deal with OU, A&M and the SEC?

More news this morning from

"According to sources, SEC commissioner Mike Slive and A&M are working feverishly to convince Oklahoma to join the SEC with the Aggies rather than follow Texas to the Pac-10.

There is speculation among a few schools in the Big 12 that if OU had to choose between the Pac-10 and SEC, it would choose the SEC. But sources close to OU say, up to this point, the Sooners have made a decision to go with Texas and not break up one of college football's most unique rivalries.

Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione was quoted in the Tulsa World last week saying the Sooners are committed to going where Texas goes.

Sources close to the SEC/Texas A&M talks say Oklahoma is still listening to proposals from the SEC. But the sources said the SEC is not interested in Oklahoma State." D

From, A&M now has enough votes from the Board Of Regents to move to the SEC. Is another domino fallin


More to come as this story unravels.