College Football 2009 Season Review: 17 Bold Predictions Revisited

David HedlindAnalyst IIMay 16, 2010

COLUMBIA, MO - SEPTEMBER 13:  Quarterback Colin Kaepernick #10 of the Nevada Wolf Pack rolls out during the first half of the game against the Missouri Tigers on September 13, 2008 at Memorial Stadium in Columbia, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Plenty of time has now passed since the end of the college football season. The coaching field has changed as much as I think it will for the off season so I feel like I can now look back at my bold predictions to see how I did.

1. Nevada will have three 1000 yard rushers in Lippincott, Taua, and Kaepernick. I will still need to look up how to spell those names.

Taua- 1345 Kaepernick- 1183 Lippincott- 1034

Start out with a win

2. There will be a one loss BCS buster team.

Got it wrong but I stand by that it will happen eventually

3. Fulmer will return to coaching at some level for the 2010 season.

Wrong again, so far, since I said for the 2010 season. Of the coaching prediction I think this one has the most potential to still change.

4. Oregon will increase their offensive production.

The Ducks had less total yards and less yards per game. I lose on a prediction on my favorite team.

5. The winner of USC at Ohio State will not play for the National Championship as either will have a loss somewhere else anyway.

Got it right. USC won here but lost a few times along the way.

6. Jim Harbaugh will be coaching in the NFL next season.

Wrong again but still waiting to see but not holding my breath

7. Dennis Erickson will move on from Arizona State.

Same as above.

8. There will be a two way tie in the Big XII south.


9. Miami(OH) goes 0-12.

So close but wrong. 1-11 and went to the ninth game before winning.

10. Joe Paterno will step down.


11. The Big XII will have a lot of quarterbacks on the stat leaders.

Wrong. Lots of injuries. Only one in top 25.

12. The Big East will have their fourth different team in a BCS bowl in the last four years.

Wrong Cincinnati had to go and repeat.

13. There will be no undefeated teams.

Wrong again what was there only two after bowls but like four going in.

14. Western Michigan goes 3-1 against the rest of Michigan.

Maybe I got it reversed they only went 1-3.

15. One of the coaches in waiting will take over.

Got this one right with a couple schools.

16. Hoke will double San Diego State’s wins from 2008.

Got this exactly right. San Diego State went from 1-7 and 2-10 to 2-6 and 4-8. Doubled both the conference and season record.

17. Joe Webb will become a more commonly heard name each week.

I don’t know what to call this one. I suppose word for word I was wrong. But I heard his name more as the season went on just maybe not each week.

Ouch, only 4 right. I hope some of those coaching predictions come true by next season.

Or maybe I need to go less bold.

Here is my original article that gave my predictions.