Reggie Bush Case: Lloyd Lake Is Probably Telling The Truth

Uncle Rico Touchdown MountainCorrespondent IMay 20, 2008

Any prosecuting attorney worth his salt will tell you that the best witness in ANY case is usually a convicted felon, because they usually get deals to tell the truth.

I find it amusing that the younger USC fans are quick to point out, "Lloyd Lake is a convicted felon" when talking about the Reggie Bush case.

The elder USC alumni seem to realize what the truth probably will bear, and it's not fruit.  They are not happy, and rumblings are that Mike Garrett is soon to go.  His willingness to look the other way:

- When OJ appears at practice
- While Snoop (a convicted felon) roams the sidelines
- While Dwayne Jarrett gets free rent
- When a player is caught with over 100 Ecstasy Pills
- When the coaching staff fakes a suicide
- When Dirty Sanchez earns his nickname
- When countless other sexual assaults by players get swept under the carpet
- When players get free food from a Greek booster's restaurant
- When a major recruit claims "Coach Carroll had me talk to Reggie and he said everything will be OK."
- When a poor football player shows up on campus with a brand-new, tricked-out Impala
- When a poor player's family starts showing up at every single road game with nice clothing
- When USC players end up being bust after bust in the NFL
- When something major also happens in basketball

Could the end be near? Not if you listen to those who cast stones at Lake.

To disparage Lake because he WAS convicted and WAS a felon is ludicrous.
1) He is no longer under conviction.
2) He has not committed a felony in quite some time.

To intimate that felons are not truthful is being intellectually dishonest.

Then again, those who do such in South Central need look no further than their own campus to find fine examples of impropriety.

They shouldn't worry, however.  Miles Brand and his ilk are too busy to worrying about getting "The Fighting Sioux" to change their mascot.   USC will continue its ways of the '60s and '70s.