Which Positions Will Top 11 2015 ATH Recruits Play in College?

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IJuly 23, 2014

Which Positions Will Top 11 2015 ATH Recruits Play in College?

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    Being listed as an "athlete" or "ATH" can be a gift and a curse. On one hand, it shows how versatile and talented a recruit is. On the other, it also shows that he may not have a true position just yet.

    Looking at the top athletes in the 247Sports Composite Rankings, all of them will be given a position to start their college careers when they arrive on campus. This list will give you a sneak peak at where on the field these jacks of all trades will play on the next level.

    Georgia will likely have a 5-star athlete play receiver, while Florida will start a pair of 4-star athletes on defense. Plus, one athlete on this list will try his hand at quarterback.

Malik Dear

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    A 4-star prospect from Mississippi, Malik Dear has a lot to offer a football team. He is great with the ball in his hands, as his presence is felt most when he plays receiver and running back.

    Receiver will likely be the position Dear starts his career at with Mississippi State, but he's currently 5'9" and 210 pounds. At that size, running back will likely be the spot he finishes his Bulldog career at. 

    One June 7, Dear told Robbie Faulk of BulldogBlitz.com (subscription required), "They're telling me that I'm going to be the next Percy Harvin and that's what they've been preaching to me since 10th grade. They're going to use me the same way they use Jameon but use me a little more."

Chris Warren

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    At 6'4" and 232 pounds, Chris Warren has the size of a tight end or defensive end. However, at heart, he's a running back.

    The 4-star athlete is at his best in a straight line, where he can get his legs churning to generate a ton of force. Fullback and H-back will be options for the Texas native, but look for him to initially play running back in college.

    Auburn, Iowa and Texas are his top schools, per 247Sports.

Marcus Lewis

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    Hailing from Washington, D.C., Marcus Lewis is one of the top players in Florida's class. However, Miami, Michigan and Oregon all remain thick in the mix, according to Luke Stampini of GatorBait.

    Whichever school finally signs the 6'1", 187-pounder will likely use Lewis as a cornerback. His length, athleticism and solid speed all make the 4-star recruit an ideal fit as a big corner to match up against tall receivers.

Shawn Burgess-Becker

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Shawn Burgess-Becker is a 4-star athlete who has a good set of skills to play receiver. However, the Florida native has even more potential as a free safety.

    At 6'1" and 185 pounds, Burgess-Becker is a smart player who works with a good amount of awareness. He can roam around on the back end as a ball hawk, plus the Alabama commitment isn't scared to stick his nose in the box.

    Should he stick with his pledge to the Crimson Tide, look for Burgess-Becker to line up in the secondary in Tuscaloosa.

Stanley Norman

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Known by some as "Scrappy," Stanley Norman is one of the top players in the Los Angeles area. The 4-star athlete can impact the game as a receiver, running back, safety, cornerback and return man.

    Norman, who is 6'0" and 180 pounds, has great short-area quickness and confidence. While he could excel at receiver, Norman has the makings of a terrific cornerback.

    Adam Gorney of Rivals.com (subscription required) wrote on June 29, "Norman does not care one bit about his size. Big, small, whatever, Norman is confident against anybody. It's something about the size of the fight in the dog...you know the saying."

Ray-Ray McCloud III

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    Credit: 247Sports

    At 5'9" and 175 pounds, Ray-Ray McCloud III is a terrific offensive player. He's listed as an athlete, but the 4-star recruit will be used to score points and return punts and kicks at the next level.

    McCloud can do damage at both running back and receiver, and he'll play both spots in college. Look for him to be listed as a running back, but he'll also spend a ton of time in the slot.

    Florida, Clemson and UCLA are his top schools, per 247Sports.

Brian Cole

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Brian Cole is a 4-star athlete from Michigan who is 6'2" and 190 pounds. He has impressive speed with the ball in his hands, plus he displays above-average elusiveness.

    While Cole can also work as a safety, he has made a name for himself as a running back and receiver. When he gets to college, he'll play on the perimeter on offense.

    Michigan, Michigan State, Tennessee and Ohio State are his main suitors, according to 247Sports.

Jerome Baker

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    Credit: 247Sports

    From Cleveland, Jerome Baker is leaving the Midwest to play in the SEC at Florida. He has good skills as a running back, but the 4-star athlete will likely be a linebacker in Gainesville.

    At 6'2" and 210 pounds, Baker is a little light in the pants for a 'backer. However, he has outstanding speed and quickness to attack ball-carriers off the flanks in a flash. Baker also has the potential to develop into a great coverage linebacker.

Kerryon Johnson

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    Credit: 247Sports

    While receiver and safety are positions 4-star athlete Kerryon Johnson can play, the Auburn commitment will be a running back on The Plains.

    At 6'0" and 200 pounds, Johnson has exceptional instincts and vision. He grades out well in the decision-making category, as he reads the flow of linebackers very well. Johnson is patient to set up blocks, plus he has terrific quickness to and through alleys.

Torrance Gibson

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    Credit: 247Sports

    With his size at 6'4" and 200 pounds, explosiveness and speed, Torrance Gibson is a 5-star athlete who should look hard at playing receiver in college.

    However, the lefty is going to be a quarterback. Gibson is raw with his mechanics and vision from the pocket, but he does have a nice set of physical tools to work with. Should he get with the right quarterbacks coach, he could become a dynamic pilot of a spread offense.

    Tennessee, Ohio State and LSU are thick in the mix, says 247Sports.

Terry Godwin

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    Credit: 247Sports

    Terry Godwin is a 5-star athlete who is committed to Georgia. At 6'0" and 168 pounds, the Peach State native has the athleticism, speed and quickness to become an All-SEC cornerback.

    But Godwin is going to be a star receiver in Athens. He can set up cornerbacks with subtle movements at the bottom of his routes and cut sharply, and he also has the ability to climb on top of secondaries.

    Godwin is going to be catching passes for UGA, not intercepting them.


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