SEC Q&A on Breakout QBs, Alabama in Las Vegas and Kliff Kingsbury in the SEC

Barrett SalleeSEC Football Lead WriterMay 30, 2014

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You have SEC questions, and I have SEC answers. Thank you for your questions. If I didn't get to them this week, they will be saved and used in the future.

And we're off!

@BarrettSallee Which new QB in the SEC is the most likely to have a break-out all American season?

— Mitchell Tate (@Mitchell_Tate4) May 23, 2014

I assume you mean "new" as in "new starter." In that case, I'll go with Hutson Mason at Georgia due to his experience and the weapons around him.

Georgia QB Hutson Mason
Georgia QB Hutson MasonUSA TODAY Sports

He learned behind Aaron Murray for four years and looked like an Aaron Murray clone in the spring game, hitting his receivers on back-shoulder fades not only in the red zone, but deep downfield as well. 

Some pressure will be off of his shoulders thanks to Todd Gurley and that stout running back stable, and the weapons he has outside with Chris Conley, Michael Bennett, Malcolm Mitchell and Justin Scott-Wesley are just filthy.

Whoever emerges at Texas A&M will put up video-game numbers, and the eventual starter at Tennessee will have a wealth of talent outside to work with as well.

But right now, Mason and the Bulldogs are set up to explode on offense in 2014.


@BarrettSallee What is more impressive: Alabama favored by 10+ in 41 of last 54 favored games or 20+ in 28 of their last 54 favored games?

— Dan Vasta (@CI_StatsGuru) May 27, 2014

That's a really good question, and both are mighty impressive.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban
Alabama head coach Nick SabanButch Dill/Associated Press

I'll go with Alabama being favored by 10 or more in 41 of its last 54 games. The bigger number is impressive, but Vegas wants to get action on both sides.

Against some of the lower-tier SEC teams and in occasional out-of-conference matchupsI said "occasional"...I know Alabama has tough schedulesa silly number is often warranted.

Being favored by double digits in 41 out of 54 games means that the middle tier of the SEC, which typically boasts some pretty strong teams, is included in that mix as well. That is mind-boggling.

I don't think that will end this year, unless Alabama falls off the cliff, which isn't likely. If Alabama is contending, people will still want to put big money on the Tide and expect them to win big, so more double-digit lines are likely.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban
Alabama head coach Nick SabanKevin C. Cox/Getty Images


@BarrettSallee here is a mailbag question for u. When will Kliff Kingsbury get a job in the sec? Needs to happen now.

— John (@jnorris10000) May 29, 2014

Oh man, can it happen yesterday?

He famously discussed keeping every practice fresh this week, including having ice cream delivered to one of his practices at Houston by bottle service girls

They have bottle service in the SEC, Kliff.

For Kingsbury to get an SEC job, though, it'll have to be a really good one. Coaching at his alma mater means a lot, especially since that school—Texas Tech—took a chance on him as a young, unproven head coach.

For Kingsbury to join the SEC, it'd have to be at one of the big schools.

Will Muschamp is on the hot seat at Florida, Steve Spurrier is inching close to playing amateur golf for a living and there's always a possibility of an entrenched coach jumping to the NFL at some point.

If that ever happens, though, he'd absolutely kill it on the recruiting trail. He's a personable coach who relates to prospects well and is constantly keeping things light while striving for big things. That would play well in the SEC, just as it does in Lubbock right now.

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury
Texas Tech head coach Kliff KingsburyJohn Weast/Getty Images


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