4-Star QB Sheriron Jones Talks Decision Plans, Being a Cam Newton Look-a-Like

Trenise FerreiraUSC Lead WriterMay 22, 2014


Sheriron Jones, a 4-star quarterback, is an athlete worth getting to know this recruiting cycle. The Moreno Valley, California native is a dual-threat athlete with a lot of talent, and as of now, he's not committed to any particular team. 

Bleacher Report was on hand for Oakland's Elite 11 on Friday and had the opportunity to catch up with Jones—who also goes by "Jonesy"—after the event. In the camp, he stood out as a top performer. He showed off quick feet and a very accurate arm. Through most drills, he connected with all of his targets, and in the "pressure cooker" drill (where coaches simulate a two-minute drill), he didn't seem fazed by the quick-paced, high-pressure situation.

After the event, Bleacher Report caught up with him to pick his brain about the recruiting process and his plans for the future. 


Bleacher Report: What universities have offered you so far? 

Sheriron Jones: Akron, both Arizonas [Arizona and Arizona State], Tennessee, Colorado, Indiana, Nebraska and Florida. 

B/R: Are there any schools that you're still waiting to hear from? 

SJ: Yeah, Ohio State and Maryland.

B/R: Looking at that list, it seems like you're really interested in going out of state. 

SJ: I told every coach that I’m open to going out of state. My parents are behind me all the way. So as long as they’re behind me, I don’t mind going out of state.

B/R: Why no interest in staying close to home, in Southern California?

SJ: There's more opportunity for me elsewhere

B/R: You're one of the top prospects in your class, and you are uncommitted as of this point. Do you have a timetable on when you plan to announce a decision?

SJ: My plans right now are to announce after the first game of my senior year, but depending on how many dudes commit, I might have to do it earlier.

B/R: What are your plans for the rest of the spring/summer?

SJ: Just working out. I might take some visits here and there, but just getting better for my senior year. That’s what I’m most concerned about. Getting a CIF [California Interscholastic Federation] ring for myself and the guys on the team.

B/R: What's an area of your game that you're looking to improve this season?

SJ: Reading coverages. When you go to college, it’s going to be some different types of coverages. You never know what’s on what side and what’s on the other. You get basic stuff in high school, so I want to work on reading coverages better.

B/R: This is kind of an unrelated question, but has anyone ever told you that you look like Cam Newton?

SJ: [Laughs] I get that all the time; everyone at my school says that. My sisters say that, my aunts and uncles, everybody.

B/R: Do you agree?

SJ: It depends on how I look that day. But any other time, Cam looks like Cam, and Jonesy looks like Jonesy.

B/R: With that in mind, is there a particular quarterback you pattern your game after?

SJ: No, I think of myself as my own quarterback. But others have compared me to Cam [Newton] and Tony Romo.

B/R: What kind of quarterback do you want to be defined as in college?

SJ: The kind of QB I am and I will be always is a pass-first QB. If I have to get out and make a play with my feet, then I will do that, but I’m the type to stay in the pocket no matter what. If it breaks down, then I’ll get out and make a play from there.


All quotes were obtained firsthand, unless otherwise stated.