Heisman Trophy 2013: Bleacher Report's Voter Survey

Max RauschSenior Writer IIDecember 11, 2013

Dec 8, 2012; New York, NY, USA; A detailed view of the Heisman Trophy during a press conference before the announcement of the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner at the Marriott Marquis in downtown New York City.  Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Jadeveon Clowney was one of the preseason front-runners for the Heisman Trophy? Or when college football's most prestigious award was Marcus Mariota's to lose? Feels like a long time ago, doesn't it?

On Saturday night, Florida State redshirt freshman quarterback Jameis Winston was named the Heisman Trophy award winner.  He became the youngest to ever win the award at 19 years and 342 days old.

Before the Heisman vote in New York, Bleacher Report caught up with seven voters, and naturally, we had some questions for them. To protect the identity of the voters, all responses will remain anonymous.  


Bleacher Report's Heisman Voter Survey
5Did Jameis Winston's legal case impact your vote?2
7Would you/have you ever voted for a defensive player? 0
5Would you want to move the vote to after bowl games?2
0Have you ever turned a ballot in before the conference title games?7
7Would you ever vote for a player from a non-AQ conference?0
2Does a candidate's conference impact your vote?5
Bleacher Report Survey


B/R: What's the most important factor in deciding your vote? 

Voter 1: Player who made his team something it otherwise would not have been.

Voter 2: Individual performance over the course of the season.

Voter 3: Consistency is a must. Also must play best in biggest games.

Voter 4: Outstanding season statistically, but strength of competition and character of the athlete are important. 

Voter 5: Find the best player. I am not concerned if he's the most important to his team or where his team would be without him.

Voter 6: Performance against the best competition.

Voter 7: Is he college football’s best player? How does he impact his own team? How does he perform in the biggest moments?

B/R: Which Heisman Trophy winner was the biggest overachiever? 

Voter 1: Eric Crouch (2001)

Voter 2: Eric Crouch (2001)

Voter 3: Jason White (2003)

Voter 4: Tim Tebow (2007)

Voter 5: Declined to state

Voter 6: Doug Flutie (1984)

Voter 7: John Cappelletti (1973)

B/R: Who is the greatest Heisman Trophy winner ever?

Voter 1: Robert Griffin III (2011)

Voter 2: Cam Newton (2010)

Voter 3: Barry Sanders (1988)

Voter 4: Barry Sanders (1988)

Voter 5: Barry Sanders (1988), Herschel Walker (1982), Roger Staubauch (1963)

Voter 6: Charlie Ward (1993)

Voter 7: Archie Griffin (1974, 1975)