Ohio State and Michigan Players Get in a Major Brawl, Causing Multiple Ejections

Jake SilverSocial Media StaffNovember 30, 2013


Early in the second quarter of No. 3 Ohio State's showdown with archrival Michigan, the Wolverines led 21-14. 

As tensions rose, tempers flared, and we soon witnessed an all-out brawl. After helmets were ripped off and punches were thrown, three players in total were ejected.

Via Bleacher Report

Ohio State lost starting right guard Marcus Hall and freshman running back Dontre Wilson. Michigan's casualty was backup linebacker Royce Jenkins-Stone.

The fight started after Ohio State's Dontre Wilson returned a kick in the second quarter. As you can kind of see in the GIF, a number of Michigan players surrounded Wilson.

Immediately after, Jenkins-Stone ripped off Wilson's helmet, which led to Wilson throwing a punch.  

Via Bleacher Report

This all followed a four-play, 78-yard scoring drive which put Michigan up 21-14. On that drive, Wolverines tight end Devin Funchess hurdled Ohio State corner Doran Grant for a 22-yard gain.   

After the Wilson play, Marcus Hall spiked his helmet before flipping off the crowd.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is "The Game."