Aaron Murray and Bulldogs Moped Gang Successfully Holler at Sorority Girls

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 9, 2013

Photo Credit: Aaron Murray Instagram
Photo Credit: Aaron Murray Instagram

They may not be as terrifying as a menacing biker gang tearing up American roads, but Georgia football players can certainly drop some hilarious shenanigans on their mopeds.

College Spun caught a couple of Instagram videos from Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray on a recent trip down local streets that featured laughs and a whole lot of hollering.

Here is the first video that shows a bunch of bros out for a pleasant ride and features a chorus of hilariously lame honks coming from their mopeds.

As College Spun notes, the end of that video may very well feature Georgia’s Program Coordinator, Bryant Gantt. Anyone with confirmation, by all means speak up.

Here is the second video that shows the extent of this moped crew, one that would make the Sons of Anarchy cringe.

As for where this all goes down, the report has that covered: "Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray posted two videos on Instagram of the squad riding down Milledge Ave., which runs through the East and South parts of UGA’s campus."

Unfortunately, that is where we hit an information wall, because we have no idea what spawned this impromptu parade of mopeds down local streets.

Judging by the cameras and apparent smiles on the sorority girls' faces, though, it seems this idea is a good one.

According to a tweet from Murray, this all goes down during rush week and is apparently an annual tradition of riding around on golf carts and mopeds to throw some spice into the recruiting process.

We are still a few weeks away from Georgia opening the season against Clemson, a game that will begin the culmination of Murray's solid collegiate career.

It's clear the QB and the rest of his boys are going to savor every last drop of the experience, especially the traditions heavy on mopeds and coeds.

We see them rolling, but we ain't hatin'.


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