Johnny Manziel Autograph Controversy Now Features John Clayton Gaffe

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 5, 2013

Everyone is losing their minds over Johnny Manziel and a growing autograph controversy, including the normally well-informed John Clayton. 

Busted Coverage spotted the posted video proving that even the best can flub every once in a great while. 

In it, Clayton offers that Manziel may be eligible for the August supplemental draft (there isn't one) if he loses his amateur status (it still wouldn't matter).

As the world tried to grapple with the fact a superstar athlete may have had the gall to ask for compensation for his signature—one that fetches a hefty sum—reporters around the sports world were trying to cram in every last possible ramification of the August edition of the Johnny Football melodrama. 

For those uninitiated, ESPN reports the NCAA is currently investigating the Texas A&M star quarterback over rumblings he may have been compensated for his autograph. 

Because the summer belongs to Manziel and his off-the-field antics, every last reporter and sports personality rushed to Twitter to offer their opinions. 

As it seems, some reporters even rushed to deliver reports with intriguing possibilities. As Busted Coverage notes, Clayton's report is far too intriguing to be true. 

Yes, Terrelle Pryor benefited from an August supplemental draft taking place in that month because of the NFL lockout that year. 

They also point to a tweet from Albert Breer that reminds us of the other reason Manziel will not be with an NFL team anytime soon.

Remember, if ruled ineligible, Johnny Manziel wouldn't be eligible for any sort of supplemental draft, because he's not 3 years out of HS.

— Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) August 4, 2013

Whatever, we are all allowed the occasional brain flub. I know I have one every hour on the hour, so we can cut the esteemed Clayton some slack. 

Still, we have to think there are at least a few football bros out there screaming at their friends they are totally taking Manziel in their NFL fantasy football drafts. 

This small report should lead to some highly enjoyable confusion around fantasy leagues in the coming weeks. 


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