Awesome Power of Video Game Bo Jackson Returns for NCAA Football 14

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 2, 2013

We all understand that Bo knows football, but a generation of new fans will finally get to understand how amazing Jackson was as a video game character, because the former collegiate and NFL star will lend his likeness to NCAA Football 14

Decades after he dominated the football field and featured in the beloved Tecmo Bowl, Jackson is returning to game consoles once again. 

Kotaku's Owen Good reports on the various iterations players can expect in the coming NCAA Football 14

Good explains that Jackson "will be available to all players who create an "Ultimate Team" in the first week of NCAA Football 14's release (it hits hits shelves July 9). They'll receive a card of Jackson rated for his freshman season at Auburn, good for playing 25 games with him."

From the start, you can get your hands on an Auburn freshman who is already stocked with talent and precision power. 

That 85 rating garners you a running back that will have most in the game seem far slower and less agile. Good even took this virtual incarnation of Jackson for a test drive and stated he was "as advertised," running around the defense when he wasn't busy bowling over them. 

For those who weren't born with eight-bit goodness around the house, Jackson is sort of a legend in both actual sports lore as well as video game history. 

At this point, we would like to remind you that the man could do everything. He could make football defenders look ridiculous just as easily as he could command fans' attention from the baseball field.  His legend also dominates pop culture with his iconic turn in Tecmo Bowl and the subsequent Tecmo Super Bowl

Here is an example of what you could accomplish from his last venture into the virtual football world.  

In any case, it was pretty unfair if you played with Jackson, rendering any amount of defense useless. Almost like real life. 

It seems the same kind of video game dominance is headed your way shortly, because there is also a 99-rated Jackson in the upcoming game. 

His 99-rated, Heisman-winning "epic edition" form gives him a combination of 99 speed and 99 trucking, with 98 acceleration, 97 agility and 82 elusiveness. He should also never fumble, with a 95 ball carrying rating.

Not to worry, because you won't have to demand pals play with someone other than Auburn as we once did with gamers fond of the classic Raiders team, because Jackson's character will be as elusive as the running back himself. 

Good writes that fans get, "25 games with 85-rated Bo. If you find 99-rated Bo, you'll get 45."

Apparently, this is a one-shot deal, so savor your Jackson moments if you manage to unlock him in the game. Per the report, the 99-rated Jackson will either be expensive or very hard to find. 

Thankfully, we get the friendly reminder that Bo knows video games. 


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