Big Ten Football Releases 2015 Conference Schedule

Randy ChambersAnalyst IJune 3, 2013

The Big Ten is wasting no time getting things set for the future.

The conference already released the 2014 conference schedule a couple of weeks ago. Now you have the privilege of seeing who your favorite team plays in a couple of years, as the Big Ten has released the 2015 conference schedule on the conference's official web site (h/t College Football Talk). 

At this rate, we'll soon be able to predict outcomes of games 30 years from now. How fun will that be?

For a complete look of the schedule, click here.

With all of these conference schedules out of the way, we are now only one more year away from seeing what a nine-game conference schedule will look like.

The 2015 schedule will begin with an early matchup of Rutgers at Penn State, and contests will begin to trickle down from there.

There will be nine consecutive weeks of at least five conference games taking place. Every team will be in action the final week of the regular season, but only Nebraska and Iowa won't end things with a conference meeting.

The Big Ten Championship Game will be played Dec. 5, so make sure to plan accordingly.

Nebraska and Wisconsin both lucked out, as neither will play Michigan, Penn State or Ohio State. The newcomers in Rutgers and Maryland aren't so fortunate. Seriously, those two schedules are absolutely brutal, even by Big Ten standards. Welcome to the big boy conference!

But then again, these games won't kick off for another two years. Who in the world knows what programs will be on top when all of this time escapes us?

The cool part is that the Big Ten has at least allowed us to speculate what the future holds. Let the predicting begin.