The Five Stages of Geno Smith's Sad Face at the 2013 NFL Draft

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterApril 26, 2013

The Five Stages of Geno Smith's Sad Face at the 2013 NFL Draft

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    As the 2013 NFL Draft unfolded, West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith exhibited a varying array of sad faces and postures as his name wasn't called.

    It was a progression of sorts that started with cautious optimism and devolved into all-out surrender.

    It's okay, Geno. You're still going to make millions of dollars. You'll just have to wait until tomorrow.

    In the meantime, here are the five stages of Geno Smith's sad face.

Stage One: The Pensive Ponderer

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    Here Geno appears to be pondering the Sisyphean task that is man's calling to surmount his life's biggest challenge in the face of unfathomable odds.

    Or he's thinking about that Bionic Air he left on in his bedroom, and how he hasn't cleaned the filter in, like, weeks.

Stage Two: Pop Rocking Through the Pressure

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    Taking a moment to cool out and relax from the reality that is his precipitous fall from draft day glory, Geno Smith presumably popped in a handful of fizzy, snappy Pop Rocks and went to town.

    This look says, “The taste of crow might be bitter, but who cares when you can taste the explosion.”

Stage Three: Going for the Phone

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    The left hand goes up, the right goes for the cellular device.

    What is he doing?

    Angry Birds? Shazam-ing the sounds of Jets fans falling over each other in their rush to hate the newest members of their team?

    Is it the shoes??

Stage Four: Checking the Phone

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    As it turns out, Geno Smith’s phone records during the NFL draft were inundated with calls from Sasquatch, the Jackelope and Jimmy Hoffa.

    Also worthy of noting are the 12 voicemails from Lennay Kekua. She’s prone to car trouble, Geno. Pick up.

Stage Five: Acceptance, and Words with Friends

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    “Xylophone... 164 points, playa!”

    Either this is an intense moment between Geno and his Maker or he’s swabbing up the competition on Words with Friends with a mean triple-word score right now. 

    I like to think it's the latter, because I believe Geno Smith's glass is still half-full.