Woody Hayes Had Snapping Turtle Bite His Penis as Motivational Tool

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 12, 2013

Urban Meyer, in delivering a speech to Ohio High School Coaches, really should have prefaced it all with a TMI warning. 

BroBible spotted what has to be one of the more hilarious stories featuring the legendary head coach, Woody Hayes. 

Update: Tuesday, February 12, 6:35 p.m. ET

Well, it seems the world was had, because Urban Meyer was just joking around. Here is a tweet from USA Today's Paul Myerberg.

Ohio State sends out an advisory saying a turtle never bit Woody Hayes in the privates. Urban was exaggerating in a joking fashion, per OSU.

— Paul Myerberg (@PaulMyerberg) February 12, 2013


So, it seems it wasn't true, even though Meyer prefaces the whole thing by saying this is a "true story" a few times. 

Sorry we took your word for it, coach. 

---End of Update

The former Ohio State coach who passed away back in 1987 was a master of motivation. It seems that some of that was because he was willing to think outside the box.

The posted video is over an hour long, but the relevant part about Hayes busting out a turtle and having it bite down on his penis is at the start.

Yes, you read that correctly. 

Meyer is giving a speech about motivation, and what you might be willing to do to get your players ready to play.

According to Meyer, Hayes once came into the locker room to speak with the coaches who needed a pep talk. Hayes did them one better, or one worse depending on how you feel about snapping turtles. 

Hayes wanted to show the coaching staff what "toughness" was. To that end, he brought a snapping turtle out of a box, to which I assume the coaches in the meeting tilted their head in an inquisitive manner. 

That's when Hayes brought out his stuff, and this is the point that Hayes more than likely had every last bit of their attention. Meyer explains the rest. 

He reaches down, this turtle's snapping and he says, 'I'm going to show you toughness.' He unzips his pants and takes out whatever he takes out. The turtle reaches up and snaps at him. You see the veins and the sweat (on Hayes). He screams at the coaches, 'That's toughness! That's f'n toughness!' He reaches down, pokes the turtle right in the eye and it falls off. He wipes the sweat off his forehead and says, 'That's the problem. We don't have anybody in this room tough enough to do that right there.

"(One assistant) raises his hand and says, 'Coach, I'd do this. Just promise not to poke me in the eye.'"

Hayes could have come in and done some pushups. Hell, he could have come in and given himself a paper cut, because those are, like, so annoying. 

Instead, he had a snapping turtle bite down on his penis, the mark of a man who is willing to go the extra mile. This story also guarantees I will never have the fortitude to be a legendary head coach in college football. 

It also means I will never go near a snapping turtle, ever. 

We would also like to give a shout out to the nameless assistant head coach who delivered what is a hilarious punchline to the most bizarre story involving any coach. 

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