Shaquille O'Neal: Star Will Deliver Robert Nkemdiche for LSU

Jeremy FuchsCorrespondent IIIFebruary 3, 2013

Shaquille O'Neal could help deliver Robert Nkemdiche to LSU.
Shaquille O'Neal could help deliver Robert Nkemdiche to LSU.Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Shaquille O'Neal is showing stud recruit Robert Nkemdiche around LSU's campus and his presence will deliver the defensive end to LSU.

O'Neal, who played college ball at LSU, visited Nkemdiche at a restaurant in Baton Rouge:

 Texas De Brazil with the Big Diesel in the background #diamondsupply
— Jeremy Hill (@JeremyHill33) February 2, 2013

Nkemdiche is the consensus best player in the nation, according to 247Sports. The 6'4", 285-pound defensive end is strong and athletic, with incredible speed. He'll be a nightmare for offensive tackles. 

LSU is among a number of schools interested in the defensive end's services. The favorite, according to 247Sports, is Ole Miss, where his brother, Denzel, plays linebacker. 

Also in the mix are schools like Florida, Auburn and Alabama.

Nkemdiche was impressed with LSU and tweeted his satisfaction:

 LSU pushing man !!!! Getting hard now !
— Robert Nkemdiche (@Aceboogie_001) February 3, 2013

Nkemdiche will make his announcement on national signing day.

But the presence of Shaq could put LSU over the top.

Having a star like that come out to help shows how serious the Tigers are about signing Nkemdiche. Shaq's busy with his post-NBA life. Taking the time out to show Nkemdiche around should give the defensive end the impression that LSU is willing to do anything to bring him to Baton Rouge.

As an impressionable young teen, Nkemdiche will love having Shaq around and it could be the deciding factor in choosing LSU.

He would be great for the Tigers, as they have a reputation for developing excellent defensive players. Ole Miss and Auburn do not have that same reputation. 

Alabama, of course, does have that reputation, but it doesn't have Shaq. The Tide don't have someone with that sort of star power. 

Shaq, who's an incredibly engaging and charismatic personality, has the ability to sway Nkemdiche to put on a Tigers uniform. He definitely has the ability to persuade. Nkemdiche will be captivated.  

National signing day is a few days away, but it looks like Shaq will do what he does best—deliver for his team.

Look for Nkemdiche to be playing in Baton Rouge next season. And Tigers fans will have Shaq to thank.