25 Places We Would Love to Watch the BCS Championship Game

Alex Callos@@alexcallosCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2012

25 Places We Would Love to Watch the BCS Championship Game

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    The BCS National Championship Game is rotated between four different stadiums.That does not seem like nearly enough, as there are so many other stadiums across the country that would be the perfect place to watch the national title tilt.

    While most fans like to stay in the South, there are other options further north that would allow for a more unique viewing experience for the fans.

    With so many options and venues to choose from at both the collegiate and professional levels, there are plenty of places that would be perfect for the BCS National Championship Game.

    Here are the 25 best places we would love to watch the BCS National Championship Game.

Lambeau Field

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    What is wrong with bringing the national championship a few miles north? 

    There is nothing better than football at Lambeau Field in January, and this would be the perfect location.

    Without question, some of the best fans in the country reside in Green Bay, and the town would certainly love to be a part of this game.

    What better place than historic Lambeau Field to enjoy such a monumental battle? There are few venues in the country more well known.

Sun Life Stadium

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    Sun Life Stadium is the home of the Orange Bowl and hosts the national championship once every four years.

    It will be the site of the championship this year. While it is certainly not the best place to play the national championship game, it is definitely worthy of the top 25.

    The weather in Miami is perfect in January and Sun Life Stadium should continue to host the national championship in the coming years.

MetLife Stadium

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    MetLife Stadium is one of the newer facilities in all of professional sports. It opened in 2010 and is currently home to both the New York Giants and the New York Jets.

    The seating capacity here is over 82,000, making it the perfect size for a game of this magnitude.

    Another added benefit of this stadium is the fact that it is located in New York City. What better place to have the biggest game of the year?

    While it might be a little cold, the atmosphere here would more than make up for it.

Ohio Stadium

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    There are few college football cities and stadiums that have what it would take to host the BCS National Championship Game.

    Ohio Stadium in Columbus is one of them.

    As one of the largest stadiums in the country, Ohio Stadium seats well over 100,000 people. There are few college towns with more to offer than Columbus, and it would be a nice central location to host the national championship game.

    There has never been a problem filling this stadium.

Reliant Stadium

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    Reliant Stadium is currently home to the Houston Texans, but is a large facility that would be great for the national championship matchup.

    The multi-purpose stadium can do more than just play host to an NFL game. The weather would likely be great in Texas, and if not, there is a roof.

    It seats over 71,000, so it is is up to par as far as that is concerned. The stadium has played host to many college games, so this would be nothing new.

Raymond James Stadium

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    As the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Raymond James Stadium has played host to a Super Bowl and also many collegiate games.

    The perfect climate in Tampa Bay is during the winter months, so this venue would certainly not disappoint as far as that is concerned.

    With a seating capacity of nearly 66,000, it is average size for an NFL stadium, but may not be quite big enough for a national championship game.

    Still, the positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to playing a game here.

Tiger Stadium

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    Tiger Stadium is home to the LSU Tigers and is often considered to be one of the loudest in all of college football.

    There is no doubt the BCS National Championship Game would be no different.

    A night game here is thought to be one of the premier events in the sport. 

    What would be better than those loud and crazy Baton Rouge locals joining up with the two opposing teams to make for a fun few days?

Rose Bowl Stadium

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    Rose Bowl Stadium is another site that is fortunate enough to host the BCS National Championship Game once every four years.

    There are few places better as Rose Bowl Stadium has been around since 1921.

    The venue has more history and tradition than any other college football facility. There is no doubt that the game has to continue to be played here on a somewhat regular basis.

    If only we could get Keith Jackson to come back and announce this one.

Soldier Field

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    Soldier Field is home to the Chicago Bears, but similar to Lambeau Field, there are few places better to watch a football game.

    While it would likely be extremely cold in Chicago in January, this would still be quite a unique venue.

    Teams from the South may not be too fond of this, but a BCS National Championship Game at Soldier Field just sounds right.

    Maybe some day it will come to fruition.

Bryant-Denny Stadium

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    The people from Tuscaloosa would love this, as the Crimson Tide have become a fixture in the BCS National Championship Game in recent years.

    A home game might be a little unfair, however.

    Bryant-Denny is not only one of the largest stadiums in the country, but also one of the best to enjoy a college football game.

    Over 100,000 screaming fans in the Deep South would make for quite an entertaining national championship contest.

FedEx Field

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    While there are plenty of places to play the national championship, how about the nation's capital? 

    FedEx Field is home to the Virginia Tech Hokies for a game just about every year and is also currently home to the Washington Redskins.

    It is a mammoth stadium, particularly as far as NFL standards are concerned. With a seating capacity of nearly 92,000, there would be plenty of room for fans from both teams.

    It would also be an opportunity for visitors to see the nation's capital.

Autzen Stadium

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    With a seating capacity of only 54,000 Autzen Stadium is not quite as big as some other places, but it is truly a remarkable place to take in a college football game.

    It is home to the Oregon Ducks and is located in one of the most beautiful areas in the entire country.

    There is a chance it could be a little cold here, but that comes with the territory.

    No question it might be a bit of a hike for some, but it would be well worth it.

Yankee Stadium

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    Yankee Stadium is currently home to the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. Some people may not be too fond of that because it is in the northern part of the country.

    I believe it should be home to an even bigger bowl game.

    Why not the national championship? After all, it is Yankee Stadium. Even though it is the new Yankee Stadium, there is still plenty of history here.

    It just has a feel to it that would make for a very unique national championship experience.

Arrowhead Stadium

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    Some people consider Arrowhead Stadium to be the best place to watch an NFL game.

    It is home to the Kansas City Chiefs, and when it comes to noise, few venues in the NFL can hold a candle to Arrowhead.

    Even though the NFL team has not been good for a few years, the noise level is still there. 

    Why not bring fans from all over the country? This may take loud to a whole new level.

Michigan Stadium

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    There is no stadium in the country with a greater seating capacity than the Big House in Michigan.

    With over 107,000 every Saturday, this place is one of the loudest in the country.

    It would definitely be a huge advantage for teams in the north, but the South has that advantage right now in almost every bowl game.

    There is no place that will be able to fit more fans inside than The Big House.

Ford Field

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    While we are in the state of Michigan, why not head over to Detroit for a game at Ford Field?

    After all, it is indoors. This might make for a more stable environment for a game in January.

    It has only been around since 2002 and is currently home to the Detroit Lions. The seating capacity here is 65,000.

    Detroit has hosted Super Bowls, so a national championship would be nothing the city couldn't handle.

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

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    Commonly known as "The Swamp," Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is one of the most intimidating venues in the entire country.

    Come here on a Saturday in the fall to see over 88,000 screaming Florida faithful.

    So, why not bring the national championship game here to witness 88,000 screaming fans in January? The weather would almost certainly be very nice.

    That would make the game that much more enjoyable.

Qwest Field

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    Qwest Field is quickly developing into one of the more talked about stadiums in the entire NFL.

    The success of the Seattle Seahawks has been part of the reason for that. When it comes to noise, few stadiums can hang with Qwest Field, no matter what level of play we are talking about.

    There is no doubt that no matter who was playing, this might be the loudest environment of any place on the list.

    Just ask the NFL teams who have played here.


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    The Superdome is currently one of the four locations for the BCS National Championship Game, and it will likely continue to be.

    While it might be a little rundown and not as savvy as some other stadiums, there is no reason not to play the game here.

    One of the distinct advantages is the location of the Superdome.

    New Orleans is one of the most unique cities in the entire world and is the perfect place to visit to enjoy a national championship game—or a lot of other things for that matter.

Lucas Oil Stadium

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    Lucas Oil Stadium has recently played host to a Super Bowl, and it is another of the new and improved stadiums.

    It may not be quite as popular as Cowboy Stadium, but it is very close as far as what it has to offer.

    The location is also great, as most college football programs would not be too far from Indianapolis.

    The combination of the city, location and venue make this one of the more desired locations on the list.

Memorial Stadium

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    Memorial Stadium is considered to be the original Death Valley. It is also home to the Clemson Tigers.

    It seats 81,500, and while it may not be on the same level as a lot of the other stadiums on here, there is something about this place that makes it BCS National Championship Game-worthy.

    There is so much history and tradition here that even fans from other conferences can appreciate it.

    Why not have the national championship contest in the little town of Clemson, South Carolina?

Phoenix Stadium

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    Phoenix Stadium is currently home to the Fiesta Bowl, making it one of the locations in the BCS National Championship Game rotation.

    There is a reason why people love coming here. Just ask all of the Major League baseball teams that travel to Arizona for spring training.

    The stadium may not be quite as popular as some of the other names, but it is host to the national championship game for a reason and has a lot to offer both teams and fans.

    It is home to the Arizona Cardinals and is less than seven years old.

EverBank Field

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    EverBank Field is another NFL stadium in Florida. This one seemingly does not get much use by the Jacksonville Jaguars as not a lot of fans show up to these games.

    It holds over 67,000, but it is hardly ever necessary to un-tarp all of the seats.

    Bowl games are meant to be played in warmer climates, and this would fit the mold.

    While it could still be a little cool in Jacksonville in January, Florida weather is always nice in the winter.

Notre Dame Stadium

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    When it comes to history and tradition, not many places offer more than South Bend, Indiana.

    It is not only the home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, but also Notre Dame Stadium. This is one of the more decorated stadiums in the entire country. 

    It has been around since 1930 with a current seating capacity of nearly 81,000.

    Just the sheer history of this place makes it more than worthy of being the site for a BCS National Championship Game.

    This year would have been ideal for the Fighting Irish.

Cowboy Stadium

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    Some consider Cowboy Stadium to be as good as it gets when it comes to football venues.

    The place is enormous as far as NFL standards and played host to Alabama and Michigan earlier this season. It has also been the site of boxing matches and plenty of other events.

    The Jumbotron in the center of the stadium is something to take notice of.

    If any of these places do end up playing host to the BCS National Championship Game, this could very easily be one of them.