Eastern Washington QB Vernon Adams Proves Impossible to Take Down

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 24, 2012

Vernon Adams tossed a touchdown that took a little longer than most touchdowns. Oh, and it involved breaking a few more tackles as well. 

Okay, that may have undersold one of the best plays we have seen this season. 

For anyone who has played Tecmo Bowl, you know the feeling of going way back in the pocket, taking your time, messing with the defense by breaking their video-game ankles and then rocketing a touchdown pass. 

This kid did just that but, like, in real life. 

A tip of the hat to Yahoo Sports for spotting this rare moment in college football when a quarterback took years to pass the ball and still managed to stay upright. 

This comes from last weekend's clash between Eastern Washington and Sacramento State, a game the Eagles won, 31-28. 

It took no less than heroics like this. Quarterback Vernon Adams is forced from the pocket and breaks a handful of tackles and even a facemask which is called on the spot. 

Finally, after what seems like ages, he finds a receiver in the end zone. 

The YouTube comments section has information from Peter Sowards who covers the team for the school newspaper and states "The penalty was for a facemask which was enforced on the kickoff after the PAT. The touchdown stood and did not come back on the cut block."

So rest assured, the play was amazing and very much legitimate. 

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