College Football Recruiting 2013: 5 Commits Who Would Be Wise to Flip

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIOctober 8, 2012

College Football Recruiting 2013: 5 Commits Who Would Be Wise to Flip

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    In the world of college football recruiting, as in life, sometimes it's okay to admit that you made a mistake.

    Sometimes it's okay to admit that you committed to an idea, an emotion or a plan of action far too soon, and the only thing you can do is back away and start over again.

    It's okay to flip, if a flip is indeed necessary.

    Here are five college football recruits who would be wise to flip on their commitments:

5. Chris Hawkins, 4-Star CB, USC Commit

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    Chris Hawkins is committed to a very good program in USC, but he may not have the opportunity to shine to his full potential with the Trojans.

    The Trojans have a big time commit in 5-star cornerback Jalen Ramsey, so Hawkins, who is extremely talented himself, will be playing second fiddle to Ramsey on a team that's already pretty deep with underclassmen corners to begin with.

    Meanwhile, a team like Oregon doesn't have any cornerbacks committed to their 2013 class, and they did make him an offer according to 247Sports. 247Sports also have visits to Arizona State, California and Notre Dame listed as coming up for him.

    It seems like playing up north, or really anywhere with a smaller crowd in the secondary, would be a better fit for Hawkins.

4. Tyren Jones, 4-Star RB, Alabama Commit

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    Tyren Jones is a 4-star running back, but he's facing the prospect of being buried on a very deep Alabama depth chart.

    To make things worse for Jones, 5-star athlete/running back Derrick Henry just committed to the Crimson Tide, so any hope of significant contribution went out the window once he made that decision.

    It's worth noting that has Jone's listed as a "soft verbal," so there seems to be room to sway for the running back.

    Frankly, it would be the best move for him if he wants to be a college football running back.

3. Altee Tenpenny, 4-Star RB, Alabama Commit

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    Altee Tenpenny is in the same boat as Jones with his commitment to Alabama, and his profile has him listed as a "soft verbal" as well, which is not surprising.

    The one advantage Tenpenny has here if he wants to decommit is that he's a pretty recognizable face from the class of 2013, and the fact that he runs a 4.46 40-yard dash according to Rivals should make him a very sought-after player if he sways away from Alabama.

    He had offers from notable schools such as Auburn, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Tennessee amongst others, so checking out his options wouldn't be a half-bad idea.

    Tenpenny can be a program's featured back. He probably won't have that chance at Alabama.

2. Robert Nkemdiche, 5-Star DE, Clemson Commit

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    Robert Nkemdiche, the nation's No. 1 recruit, appears to be torn.

    On one hand, he's committed to the Clemson Tigers, but on the other, it appears as if he's getting a ton of pressure from his family to play football at Ole Miss with his brother, Denzel.

    In an interview with, Nkemdiche had some good things to say about Clemson, but he also stated that his mom wants him to play with his brother, and that she does have a say in his college decision.

    Here's my full take on that story, but either way it appears as if Nkemdiche is being torn in two different directions.

    To me, it appears that family is a huge deciding factor for the No. 1 recruit, and if so, decommitting from Clemson and at least opening his options back up would be the best option.

1. Christian Hackenberg, 5-Star QB, Penn State Commit

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    It's an understatement to say that Penn State has a tough road ahead of them. Dealing with NCAA sanctions and scholarship losses is essentially going to cripple the program.

    The Nittany Lions aren't going to be able to put enough talent around Christian Hackenberg to allow him to lead his team and succeed at a high level. Scholarships attract elite athletes, and a reduced number of them will mean a reduced number of elite athletes for Hackenberg to work with.

    He remains committed to the program, but if he were to decommit, he would instantly become the most sought-after quarterback in the class of 2013, with a chance to land somewhere that will allow him to win.

    Hackenberg is approaching this very honorably, but the smart move would be to decommit and go to a program that can utilize his talents to win Bowl games.

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