Jeffrey Ross Manages to Roast Joe Paterno at Comedy Central Special for Roseanne

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 6, 2012

Photo Credit: Big Lead Sports
Photo Credit: Big Lead Sports

Too soon?

That's pretty much the question you will ask yourself from the other side of the computer where you will no doubt feign interest, laugh or be utterly disgusted.

The polarizing images are that of stand-up comedian and roastmaster extraordinaire, Jeffrey Ross. 

The man is no stranger to humor that borders on offensive, filling a room with huge amounts of laughter with gasps peppered in between the seams. 

The Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne Barr will be no different as The Huffington Post (h/t NBC Sports, Big Lead Sports) reports Ross showed up as Joe Paterno with a complement of young men dressed in merely football helmets and towels. 

Ross knows that many of you will have tremendous issue with his comedic stylings as it pertains to the still-smoking disaster area from Penn State. 

In regards to the people he was aiming for with his dress decisions, Ross had this to say, via The Huffington Post

People who can take a joke. If they’re offended by what they see, they can do what Joe Paterno did – look the other way.

The show, which taped Saturday, is set to air on August 12 at 10 p.m. ET. However, there is this quote Ross had when speaking to Barr. 

Roseanne, I’ll always love you for saying whatever you want, for never holding back. And in these alarming times when comedians are second-guessing their imaginations and sometimes even apologizing for jokes, I consider you a hero and a martyr and a friend … Now I’m gonna take Seth Green and hit the showers!

This is no doubt a sensitive subject with so many people around the nation, not just those who have ties to Happy Valley. 

However, there is a very real litmus test to find out if something is offensive. 

Did you laugh?

If so, the comedian did his job and found levity in a subject that was shrouded in unfortunate ugliness. If not, the comic failed and brought shame to a subject that was already filled with the stuff. 

That's the tightrope walk the comedian does, and why only a certain type of human does such things. So the question remains on how Ross fared in your estimation. 

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