Reuben Foster: Does 5-Star Recruit's Tattoo Seal the Deal?

Randy ChambersAnalyst IJuly 16, 2012

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Things get a little stranger by the day when it comes to 5-star recruit Reuben Foster.

The top middle linebacker of the 2013 class was committed to Alabama before decommitting to the Crimson Tide-rival Auburn Tigers. Many believed that he would eventually end up with Alabama when it was all said and done, as it appeared to be the team that had the most to offer and is in a better position to win national championships at the moment.

But a monkey wrench has just been thrown into the whole process for Foster. He has decided to go and get the Auburn logo tattooed on his left forearm, via Birmingham News. (See the full picture here.)

Does this finally put an end to all the rumors that he, in fact, was going to end up in Tuscaloosa by the time it was time to sign his letter of intent?

I am not too big on these verbal commitments, because we see these recruits change their minds all the time. Most of these players make knee-jerk reactions and then realize that they want to play somewhere else.

Foster said he was committed to Alabama, then switched to Auburn and has also said he wants to play with his best friend, Tray Matthews, who is currently a Georgia commitment.

But all of the speculation should be put to rest with this tattoo.

I mean, how in the world would a player be allowed to play for Alabama with a tattoo of the rival team in plain sight? I'm pretty sure that it is in the rulebook somewhere that you can't even wear rival team colors, let alone have a tattoo of the logo on your body.

Foster is still a young recruit, and that means there is a good chance he flip-flops between schools once again. There is still plenty of time between now and national signing day (about seven months, to be exact, before the 5-star recruit can make his commitment official).

I'm sure Nick Saban will not stop recruiting this young man, tattoo or not, and he rarely loses recruiting battles.

If Foster does decide to suit up for the Crimson Tide next season, I hear that tattoo removal is extremely painful.