Jay Paterno Addresses Freeh Report, Defends Father's Legacy

Sam R. QuinnSenior Analyst IIIJuly 12, 2012

Jay Paterno, the son of former Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno, went on SportsCenter on Thursday to address the findings of the Freeh Report.

The Freeh Report was an independent investigation headed by former FBI director Louis Freeh that looked into the situation revolving around former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky. The report is comprised of over three million documents and 400-plus interviews.

Paterno's son stresses that the report is "not a legal document in any way" and is "really an opinion." He goes on to say that there are "no new facts" and just "some new interpretations of things."

He claims that when the members of the investigative committee did not have sufficient information to come to a conclusion, they came to "reasonable" conclusions, and he believes that more details will be fleshed out under sworn testimony.

Paterno argues that the "idea that there was a culture of concealment" is unreasonable, as a report was issued regarding the 1998 Sandusky incident and provided to the county district attorney.

He explicitly states that Mike McQueary came to his father, who then turned the information over to his superiors.

In regard to the findings that Joe Paterno and others "showed callous, shocking disregard for child victims," Paterno defends his father by saying that Sandusky had never been charged with a crime and "in no way, shape or form did anybody believe that he was a child predator."

He denies the claims that his father and other officials did not make the incidents public in order to protect the public reputation of the university and the football program, saying, "There is no way, shape or form that Joe Paterno would have put anybody in harm's way for another win, or for his legacy or bad publicity."

Stay tuned to see how this situation develops.

Here is a link to the entire Freeh report.