25 College Football Teams That Need a Stadium Makeover

Tom PerryCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2012

25 College Football Teams That Need a Stadium Makeover

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    Part of the allure and charm of football at Notre Dame is the aura of the stadium.

    Is it perfect? Not at all. But it retains much of the historical charm with enough modern updates to make it a selling point to recruits and a must-see for any college fan.

    However, not every program in the nation has the funding or foresight to keep up with the necessary upgrades to keep their stadium in tip-top shape.

    Here are 25 stadiums that need a makeover in one form or another.

Alumni Stadium (Boston College)

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    Alumni Stadium has been showing its age for years now, and it has become one of the worst facilities in the ACC.

    It is one of the smallest in the conference and will drop two spots once Syracuse and Pittsburgh join the ACC.

    They could expand vertically, but Boston College should raise the funds and make some much-needed renovations.

    The football team is falling behind in recruiting, and having a substandard stadium is not going to help bring in the players.

Ryan Field (Northwestern)

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    The locals like to call it Little Wrigley Field, but it lacks the character of Wrigley.

    Instead, Ryan Field is an embarrassment to the Big Ten and college football.

    Since football really has been an afterthought at Northwestern, it should be of little surprise that the stadium is lagging behind its peers.

Wallace Wade Stadium (Duke)

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    Duke's Wallace Wade Stadium currently seats 33,000, which is the second lowest in the ACC.

    There are plans to raise $100 million to renovate the facility, which will include removing the track.

    For now, Wallace Wade remains a dud. The place still has metal bleachers.

Memorial Stadium (Kansas)

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    Welcome to Kansas, home of a big-time basketball program—which would explain the 50,000-capacity Memorial Stadium.

    With Charlie Weis on board, maybe this place will get a much needed facelift soon—the horseshoe-style stadium is one of the worst facilities in the Big 12.

BB&T Field (Wake Forest)

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    This is a tough one.

    A large number of Wake Forest fans love the charm of BB&T Field.

    There are only about 4,000 students at Wake Forest, so I guess a stadium that holds just 31,500 is probably big enough.

    It just seems that Wake Forest could do better than this.

Spartan Stadium (San Jose State)

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    San Jose State's football program has been at or near the bottom of the Western Athletic Conference for so long, no one outside of the school even pays attention to the field.

    It is old and outdated and there are no plans at this point to change that.

    They have made some minor modifications, like a new playing surface, that have helped. But until the program starts winning and the money becomes available for some major changes, nothing is going to get better at Spartan Stadium.

Bronco Stadium (Boise State)

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    The field is blue.

    I know the Boise State fans love it, and there are those who believe it offers some unique home-field advantage.

    In reality, the rest of the college football world simply hates to watch a game played on the field.

Sam Boyd Stadium (UNLV)

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    Sam Boyd Stadium was completed in 1971 for a measly $3.5 million. Following a $1.2 million renovation in 1999, it now holds close to 37,000 fans.

    It's probably good enough for UNLV, but it lacks the feel of big-time college football.

    UNLV football has struggled for quite awhile now, so I'm sure doing a major renovation is probably a long-shot at best.

Sun Life Stadium (Miami, Fla.)

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    There's nothing wrong with Sun Life Stadium...if you are an NFL team.

    But the Hurricanes used to have a special relationship with the old Orange Bowl. The Michael Irvins, Jerome Browns and Ray Lewises made the Orange Bowl a daunting place for opponents.

    That aura is gone now.

    Miami needs to invest in an on-campus stadium to bring back the old swagger.

Sun Devil Stadium (Arizona State)

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    Sun Devil Stadium may need an upgrade more than any in the Pac-12.

    Arizona State chose a great location for the stadium among the mountains, but it's time to fix the many issues.

    There are the cracks in the concrete, the old bench seating and urinal troughs in the bathrooms. It won't be cheap to do, but that's what big-time programs do.

    I would hate to see them find a new location and build a new stadium, and it would be a logistical nightmare to implode the current facility and start from scratch in the same footprint.

Kibbie Dome (Idaho)

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    The Kibbie Dome may be functional and would have served the folks of Moscow, Idaho well during a nuclear attack on the U.S.

    However, as a football stadium, it's an abomination.

    Does Coach Robb Akey even show recruits the facility when they come to campus?

Rentschler Field (Connecticut)

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    Rentschler Field is a relatively new stadium, but it certainly doesn't scream a BCS program plays here.

    I wouldn't tear the place down, but a major renovation would be a nice start.

    If you have ever watched a game from Rentschler, it looks like it might be a nice Sun Belt Conference facility.

Kelly/Shorts Stadium (Central Michigan)

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    It's not quite fair to put a Mid-American Conference facility on this list, but when you compare it to others in the league, then Central Michigan's Kelly/Shorts Stadium is below the norm.

    After a 10,000-seat upgrade, the facility still only holds 30,000 fans.

    I guess that makes for pretty tight quarters or there just aren't that many folks who care to watch.

Legion Field (UAB)

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    Legion Field has a rich and storied history.

    The Birmingham landmark was the site of the first two SEC championship games.

    Now it's time for an upgrade, or just raze the place and start from scratch.

    It would definitely benefit new coach Garrick McGee as he tries to compete with Alabama about an hour away in Tuscaloosa.

Superdome (Tulane)

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    Playing in the home of the NFL's New Orleans Saints is just a bad fit for Tulane.

    It's easy to see where it saves the institution money, but the dedicated fanbase requires and seeks an on-campus field.

    New coach Curtis Johnson might be the right guy to get the stadium Tulane deserves.

    If the Green Wave could become a consistent winner again, it would seem to reason that one of the bigger conferences would like to grab them up and get the New Orleans market.

Liberty Bowl (Memphis)

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    With Memphis moving to the Big East in the near future, the program could really use an upgrade or a new stadium.

    Maybe the Big East will require Memphis to do the right thing. Then again, it's the Big East.

    The Liberty Bowl does not have enough luxury boxes, and it has way too many backless bench seats.

    Restroom facilities and concessions are outdated, and the facility shows the wear and tear of more than four decades of use.

Sun Bowl (UTEP)

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    The Sun Bowl, which opened in 1963, still hosts the annual bowl game. Of course, it always seems to be cold.

    Let's not forget that this is also the home stadium for UTEP.

    Maybe the aging and rundown facility is good enough for the Miners, but this place could really use a renovation project.

Bobby Dodd Stadium (Georgia Tech)

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    The downtown Atlanta stadium has undergone a few facelifts since it opened in 1913.

    The upgrades have included luxury boxes and a larger video board, but it's downtown Atlanta, so naturally parking is atrocious. In reality, parking at most stadiums is a challenge.

    There are some positives, though. Bobby Dodd Stadium holds 55,000, and you have a great view of the Atlanta skyline.

Stanford Stadium (Stanford)

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    Stanford Stadium was demolished after the 2005 season and rebuilt into a dual-deck, concrete structure.

    So the stadium is more modern and looks nice.

    But this year, there was a serious issue with the playing surface that almost cost the Cardinal the game against rival Cal.

    While the facility is in better shape, the field issues need to be addressed before the start of 2012.

Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego State)

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    The Big East was interested in San Diego State because of the TV sets and potential footprint it offers the conference.

    However, even Big East commissioner John Marinatto would say the Aztecs need to find a new home.

    Qualcomm Stadium is the San Diego Chargers facility, and the Aztecs are just a nuisance that helps pay the bills.

    Even the Chargers want a new facility. It's time for San Diego State to consider a smaller, on-campus stadium.

Martin Stadium (Washington State)

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    By the time the 2012 season opens, Martin Stadium may find its way off this list.

    Washington State has begun an $80 million renovation project just in time for Mike Leach to begin roaming the sidelines.

    Once these upgrades are completed, the once-rundown facility should be one of the nicer stadiums in the Pac-12.

    For now, it remains where it is.

Joan C. Edwards Stadium (Marshall)

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    Marshall's Joan C. Edwards Stadium has enjoyed a few upgrades over the years, but it looks older than its 22 years suggest.

    There have also been talks that Marshall will expand from its capacity of 38,019, but it's hard to imagine why since the place is usually half empty for most games.

    Doc Holliday has built a solid foundation for the future, so maybe the fans will start coming back out for games in 2012.

Floyd Casey Stadium (Baylor)

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    If you play football in Texas then you need a stadium to match the "bigger is better" attitude.

    Floyd Casey Stadium doesn't live up to that motto.

    Baylor had a nice run and a great atmosphere last year in this place. But now that Robert Griffin III and a few other key players are gone, can Art Briles keep the stadium alive in 2012?

    If the Bears want to remain a national program, then a venue upgrade is in order.

Vanderbilt Stadium (Vanderbilt)

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    Coach James Franklin just may be the guy to make Vanderbilt football relevant, but it would help if he had a legitimate SEC stadium.

    While the Commodores may be getting better, it's still relatively easy to get a ticket to a home game—unless the fans from Alabama or LSU buy them all up first.

Carrier Dome (Syracuse)

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    The Carrier Dome is a great basketball venue, and it can get downright loud during a football game—but Syracuse has been a mediocre program for so long that the charm of the Dome has worn off.

    There's just nothing special about the Carrier Dome anymore, and opponents are not intimidated.