Arik Armstead: The Best Reason for Him to Go to Each of His Top Suitors

Randy ChambersAnalyst IDecember 20, 2011

Arik Armstead: The Best Reason for Him to Go to Each of His Top Suitors

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    It's all about recruiting now that the college football season is coming to a close.

    One of the top prospects that is still out there is offensive tackle Arik Armstead. He's 6'8'', 275 pounds, which alone has scouts across the country drooling. He has great explosion off the ball and is able to control defenders with ease. Whichever team he chooses will be very lucky to have him.

    Armstead may very well play on the defensive side of the ball and is also interested in playing basketball as well.

    He's considering Alabama, Auburn, California, Notre Dame, Oregon, Texas, UCLA, USC and Washington, among other schools.

    Here are the best reasons he should go to each of the top schools.


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    Who doesn't want to play for the Oregon Ducks? They're one of the flashiest teams in the country and they score a ton of points.

    Regardless of which side of the ball Armstead plays on, he will have loads of fun playing for a team that gets in the end zone with ease. If he happens to play on defense, he'd play for a defense that loves to blitz and get after the quarterback. They have 43 sacks this year, which is tied for the second most in the country.

    Then you throw in the atmosphere of Autzen Stadium, and how could you say no?


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    Armstead would be playing in the best conference in college football and have a chance to compete for national championships every year.

    If he plays on the offensive line, he'd be blocking for several talented running backs. If he plays defense, he'd play on one of the best defenses in the country. The addition of him would just make it that much better.

Notre Dame

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    One of the top programs in the country that appears to be on the rise after a couple of sub-par seasons.

    There's really no explanation needed to join this school. The university speaks for itself, as it's one of the most prestigious in the land.

    Being on television nearly every week isn't bad, though. And neither is the fact he'd get to play in the Big East if he also decides to play basketball.


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    Armstead just recently visited the California campus and the Golden Bears are still heavily in the mix to land the 5-star recruit.

    The Golden Bears are a very competitive team in the Pac-12 that appears to be getting even better with a solid recruiting class this season. Adding Armstead to the roster would just make them that much better and help them compete with the big boys in the conference.

    It would also allow the young man to stay home, as he is from California.


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