Big 12 Quarterbacks Have Looked Bad in First Two Bowl Games

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 31, 2008

I know the Big 12 has only played two bowl games thus far, but two of their better QBs have looked just plain bad.  These are second tier conference QBs, mind you, but they have definitely performed a much lower level than they did in conference.

This is not the first time either of the QBs has looked bad.  Both have a history of poor performance in their games against top teams, especially Chase Daniel. They were not playing top teams—very good teams, yes, but not great teams.

So, through two games I have seen very little that disproves the argument that the Big 12 has poor defenses.

Missouri's defense was pedestrian, not great or bad, and it may have looked a lot better if Daniel threw fewer interceptions. OK State was great in the first half, only allowing one touchdown and two field goal attempts to a team that averages 42 points per game.

The second half was a whole other story, allowing 35 and getting manhandled even by the QB except for one valiant fourth quarter goal line stand that, alas, the offense couldn't take advantage of. 

This game to me was extremely reminiscent of another Big 12 game, OU/Texas, where one team gets out to an early lead, lets the other team back in the game with poor special teams, and then gets run all over late and cannot do anything with the football late in the game.  

No doubt Harrell, McCoy, and Bradford are the three best QBs in the conference and will be much harder and less likely to rattle, but the Big Three in the conference—OU, Tech, and Texas—all need wins if the conference wants to prove it is the best. 

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