Jerry Sandusky Video: Watch Coach's Statement About Fighting for 4 Quarters

Kyle VassaloFeatured ColumnistDecember 13, 2011

Jerry Sandusky may not have had much to say upon the preliminary hearing being cancelled today, but he still managed to sneak in a football metaphor during his limited time in front of the camera.

There was a media frenzy gathered outside who were eager for answers as to why the preliminary hearing had been forgone, and Sandusky dropped the "fight for four quarters" metaphor that will undoubtedly irk the masses.

It's been difficult to separate football from this case from the beginning, as Sandusky was such a huge part of such a prestigious program for so many years.

It's comments like this that continue to make it difficult to put sports aside and focus on the issues at hand, as if Sandusky was just an everyday member of society.

Whether or not Sandusky intentionally dropped the cheesy and cliche football metaphor by design or if that's just the manner in which he speaks is unclear, but the football metaphor did little to help his cause.

Sandusky is so widely criticized, everything he says and does is going to be dissected and picked apart by the angry masses.

Public backlash from the Bob Costas interview was rampant. The same applied for the New York Times interview.

Perhaps Sandusky would have been better served with a more generic response. Then again, it's hard to imagine that the majority of people would have been pleased with his statement regardless of what he said.