Heisman Trophy: Ranking Where It Stands Among Sports' Great Trophies

Adam Spencer@AdamSpencer4Correspondent IDecember 11, 2011

Heisman Trophy: Ranking Where It Stands Among Sports' Great Trophies

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    Robert Griffin III has now officially won the 2011 Heisman Trophy.

    He now joins the ranks of all the great Heisman Trophy winners of the past.

    But, as for the trophy itself, where does it stand among the great trophies in sports?

    Let's take a look now at the five most iconic trophies in sports right now.

5. Green Jacket

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    The green jacket has been officially awarded since 1949, though it was awarded informally before that.

    This prestigious award is given to the winner of The Masters golf tournament.

    After the golfer who wins the jacket is no longer the reigning champ, he must leave the jacket at Augusta National Golf Club, as that's the only place the jacket can be worn afterwards.

4. Lombardi Trophy

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    The Lombardi Trophy is awarded annually to the winner of the Super Bowl.

    The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year in America, therefore the trophy deserves a spot on this list.

    Its simple, yet elegant design is a refreshing change of pace from the often over-embellished trophies in sports today.

3. Heisman Trophy

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    The Heisman Trophy is the most iconic award in all of college sports.

    It's also the most iconic individual, non-championship trophy.

    The Heisman pose is also the most-recognized pose in all of sports. That alone makes it deserving of the No. 3 spot on this list.

2. Stanley Cup

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    Lord Stanley's Cup is special because it can also actually be used as...a cup.

    One of the many traditions associated with the trophy given to the NHL champions is that the winning team drinks champagne out of the Cup.

    It became the official NHL trophy in 1947, though it was unofficially awarded to winners long before that.

    It also is not made new every year. There is only one Stanley Cup, and that makes it different and iconic.

1. Olympic Gold Medal

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    An Olympic gold medal means a lot more than most sports trophies.

    Not only does it mean you are at the top of your sport, it means your country is the best in that sport.

    The national pride behind every gold medal victory makes it unique and special.

    Standing up on the podium listening to your national anthem playing as you are awarded a gold medal is probably the most amazing feeling in sports.