Georgia Bulldogs Football: YOU Are Greg McGarity, What Do YOU Ask Mark Richt?

Nick R. BrownContributor IIIDecember 9, 2011

When is it Georgia's time?
When is it Georgia's time?Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Contract extension talks begin today with current head football coach Mark Richt and the University of Georgia. Richt has said repeatedly that Athens is the Richt family's home, and he desires to be at UGA for the duration of his career.

Today marks the day that Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity looks at Mark Richt and starts asking where the program is going, how Richt feels recruiting is lining up, what Richt needs and of course the whopper, how much longer?

Nearly 31 years have passed since the last national title was brought home to the Classic City. And since the BCS began in 1998, every major Southeastern Conference program has appeared and won a BCS National Championship with the exception of Georgia (Tennessee '98, LSU '03,'07, Florida '06,'08, Alabama '09, Auburn '10).

And once again, one of two of those programs will take home another crown in 2011, marking the sixth straight SEC-claimed championship and either the third by LSU or second by Alabama.

Additionally, of the eight championships won by an SEC team since 1998, Auburn was also left out of the mix in 2004 finishing the season at 14-0, leaving the argument open that of the Top Six programs in the SEC, four could potentially have had two championships with Tennessee at one and zero for Georgia in the last 14 years.

Today, YOU are Greg McGarity, and YOU are interviewing Mark Richt concerning his contract extension and the future of the Georgia program.

Let us know in the comments section what you ask Mark Richt.