Poinsettia Bowl Review: TCU Drops Boise

JeremySenior Writer IDecember 26, 2008

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Things were looking bad for TCU. Trailing 13-0 and playing sloppily, it looks like TCS would allow Boise State to keep its undefeated record against the Mountain West.

TCU scored a late touchdown before the half ended to make it close, and then TCU went on to dominate the game.

The game really could have been over when TCU threw a pick with eight minutes left and the lineman was chased down from behind, and then Boise went on to kick a field goal, even though the ball was at the 10-yard line.

On the opening kickoff, Boise did a trick play by throwing the ball across the field on the kickoff to get good field position, and then easily drove down the field and scored a field goal.

Then the Boise defense stopped TCU and then again quickly scored their only touchdown of the game on an Ian Johnson 20-yard run.  That score gave Johnson the all-time WAC record for touchdowns, passing Marshall Faulk.

That 20-yard carry was the only significant gain running the ball.  TCU, who leads the nation in rush defense at 48 yards per game, allowed only 28 total rushing yards on the game.

Now, Boise was able to throw the ball pretty effectively, as Kellen Moore tossed for 222 yards, and a few throws were able to beat the TCU secondary.

After the first quarter, TCU dominated the game.  Trust me, Boise fans, your team is very good this year, but the offensive and deffensive lines were no match for Boise as the game wore down. 

Boise did not even try to run with Ian Johnson, who is a big physical back, as he only ran the ball seven times with 28 yards.  Boise tried to pass the ball and do some trick plays, and TCU was able to drop in coverage and not get beaten as they did in the first quarter.

TCU just outlasted Boise in this game by nearly doubling up in yards and holding the Broncos to 3-11 on third downs.  After the first quarter, Boise State’s longest drive was nine plays which resulted in a field goal late in the fourth.

The play that hurt Boise was their missed field goal late in the third. I guess TCU gets some redemption for when they missed two field goals agaisnt Utah and lost that game.

The game winner came on a Joseph Turner 17-yard touchdown run midway through the fourth quarter.

Both teams will be back next year and quite possibly undefeated.  Boise and TCU will be predicted alongside BYU as the top non-BCS teams next year.

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